Pay more attention to our spiritual world (Essay)

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If the biggest problem in the 20th century was the threat posed by cancer to human life, the biggest problem in the future will be mental problems.After the material life is basically satisfied, with the development of the information society, people receive information conveniently, quickly and timely. Under the comprehensive effect of social factors, biological factors, psychological factors and other factors, people’s anxiety is more and more serious, and people’s mental problems will be more and more.Mental problems are multifarious, personality change, dissolute, do not want to see people, do not want to talk, do not want to communicate, daze laugh, talk to yourself, nervous anxiety, fear, illusion, anxiety, depression and other phenomena, are the performance of mental problems.People’s health includes both physical and mental aspects.In recent years, we have paid close attention to health issues through health education, post-natal and post-natal education, and anti-epidemic efforts.But there is a lot of insensitivity about mental health.Some even feel mental problems, is a kind of hypocritical, is affected, is not strong will performance.This is profoundly wrong.After people’s material life is basically satisfied, they are bound to pursue a higher spiritual life.This rich spiritual life is not a life of drunkenness, no karaoke, nor a lover’s date.These stimulating temporary happiness is undoubtedly a kind of happiness, but can not reduce their inner emptiness and boredom.The process of moving towards inner peace, seeking oneself, comforting the soul, experiencing happiness and cultivating one’s mind is the real spiritual sustenance.Finding happiness is your own business, no one else can replace it.Inner peace is a process of inner reconciliation in which you regulate your emotions and adjust the relationship between your expectations and your deliverables. It is a process of slowing down and letting yourself go with your soul, not pushing your soul too far.Spirit is the mind, is the brain’s thinking function;The soul is the tao heart, is the formless life master;Spirit is the synthesis of cognition, emotion and will. Soul is the true self observing the universe.Spirit produces knowledge, stripped of wisdom;The spirit is trapped by the body, the soul is beyond the body;The spirit moves at the speed of sound, the soul at the speed of light.If we can observe our soul well, know the truth, know the way, and act in harmony, there will be no great mental problems in general.