In 1979, Su Yu did not advocate sending troops to Vietnam. Why did some people call him a great hero when the PLA came back victorious?

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As a senior general of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Su Yu made many outstanding achievements in his life.After the founding of New China, there was a battle in which Su Yu did not take part.However, when the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army triumphantly returned, they all praised Su Yu.What’s going on here?Originally, Su Yu did not advocate sending troops, and he frankly expressed his concerns.Hearing what Su Yu said, Deng Gong nodded in agreement.Later, Although Su Yu did not lead his troops to the war.However, many victories on the battlefield were achieved by using the strategy of detour and interpenetration proposed by Su Yu.On August 10, 1907, Su Yu was born in a wealthy peasant family in Hunan Province.He received good education when he was young. Later, He was admitted to Hunan Normal School.At school, he actively absorbed advanced ideas.In June 1927, Su Yu joined the Communist Party.Nanchang uprising, Su Yu led the department to complete the task given to him by Mister Zhu.Later, he went south to join forces with Zhu’s army.In 1928, Su Yu followed Zhu and the army led by the great man.Later, Su Yu took part in several counter-siege and suppression campaigns.On November 10, 1945, Su Yu became the commander of Huanye.The following year, Chiang launched an attack on the PLA.Su Yu led the field army to counterattack.At that time, Su Yu fought seven battles in succession, winning seven victories.In the end, more than 50,000 enemy troops were killed.In order to unify the command, Great man decided to merge the central China and Shandong field areas and give the command of the campaign to Su Yu.In December 1946, Su Yu had just finished a campaign command.When he received instructions from the central government, he was asked to return to Shuyang immediately to fight.In order to save time, Su Yu immediately went there alone and joined Chen Yibu.Under the joint command of Su Yu and Chen Yi, the total annihilation of the kuomintang BGF 69th Division amounted to more than 20,000 men.At that time, the enemy general had no choice but to commit suicide, and it became the first major victory after the convergence of the field army in central China and Shandong.In September 1947, Su Yu proposed the “Huaihai Campaign”.When the great man got the call, he felt it was necessary.Soon afterwards, Su Yu commanded the East China Field Army to launch an attack and annihilate huang Baitao Corps.On January 10, 1949, Su Yu led his troops to wipe out Du Yuming Group.Later, Su Yu commanded the third Field Army to cross the Yangtze River, killing more than 280,000 enemy troops at one stroke.Liu Bocheng praised Su Yu, “As one of the best generals of THE PLA, General Su Yu won every battle!”Not long after the founding of new China, great men instructed the formation of northeast border defense forces.At that time, the great man was appointed suyu as commander.At that time, the civil war broke out, Suyu originally took on the task of commanding the war to resist the United States and aid Korea.However, Su Yu’s health suddenly appeared problems.Knowing this, the great man immediately told Suyu to take care of her illness.In 1952, Su Yu submitted a written report to the above.In the report, Su Yu mentioned organic integration of various CMC departments.Upon receipt of the report, the immediate problem was solved.In February 1958, Su Yu, together with Premier Zhou and Chen Yi, formed a delegation and visited North Korea.Su Yu was responsible for visiting the volunteer army. Later, Su Yu met the commander of the volunteer Army, Yang Yong.Su Yu warned Yang Yong, retreat must hand over everything, and go well.In the summer of 1958, Su Yu was wrongly criticized.He has since left the military command line.However, it was at this time that Su Yu assisted Ye Jianying to do a lot of research work and cultivated a large number of scientific research talents.In the summer of 1962, Su Yu went to Fujian for inspection.It was time to prepare for war along the southeast coast. After in-depth investigation, Su Yu put forward a specific plan to the leaders of the Fuzhou Military Area Command to annihilate the enemy.After the event, this clever plan was regarded as a fantastic way to annihilate the enemy.In 1979, a war broke out.It turned out that after Ho Chi Minh’s death, the Vietnamese authorities had the wrong ambitions.At that time, Vietnam was backed by the Soviet Union and repeatedly disturbed our border.Deng Immediately called a meeting to discuss whether to send troops to Vietnam.Su Yu, then a member of the Standing Committee of the CMC, also attended the meeting.At first, Su Yu did not recommend sending troops to Vietnam.First, after the end of the war, the PLA has not fought a war for many years.Vietnam, on the other hand, has just come out of a war and can’t be underestimated.Vietnam can hold out for a long time against an American army with advanced equipment.It can be seen that the Vietnamese army also has these capabilities.Second, sino-Soviet relations were tense.Vietnam, however, had close ties with the Soviet Union.If rashly and the Vietnamese army confrontation, so, the Soviet Union is bound to China’s northeast covetously.If the Soviet Union and Vietnam join hands, our country will be attacked on both sides.Su Yu’s reason was so good that the participants were lost in thought.Deng Gong integrated various suggestions and finally chose to send troops.With great foresight, Deng’s swift and swift attack caught Vietnam by surprise.After the war of self-defence against Vietnam began, Suyu was away from home every day, longing to stay in the headquarters.Although Suyu did not advocate sending troops at first, after sending troops, he also contributed all his strength.As is known to all, Su Yu is best at weaving and penetrating tactics.In the counterattack against Vietnam, our army won numerous battles by using the tactics of detour and interpenetration.Not only enhance our country’s prestige, but also make our army morale.However, Su Yu did not keep an eye on Vietnam. He kept an eye on the Soviet Union.In the end, the Soviets didn’t make any big moves.Our troops stormed all the way to lang Son.Finally, the arrogance of the enemy was subdued.After the war, Su Yu has been reflecting.Originally, when our army retreated, the Vietnamese army counterattacked and caused many casualties of our army.Although Su Yu did not personally participate in the counterattack against Vietnam, he still contributed all his energy.Soon afterwards, Su Yu wrote down some thoughts on the methods of warfare.This is also the place where he deserves to be praised by people. Many people praise Su Yu’s contribution, it is true.From a soldier, Su Yu practiced and learned all the way and eventually grew into a generation of military strategist.In the past, guerrilla warfare was the primary stage in which Su Yu formed his military ideology.When he lost contact with the party organization, he still solved many problems independently.When the national revolution was at a low ebb, Su Yu not only established a strategic fulcrum in the areas ruled by the Kuomintang, but also developed an experienced team.This unit later became one of the backbone of the New Fourth Army.People often call Su Yu a victorious general, but they do not know that everything comes from practical experience.Later, entrusted by Premier Zhou, Su Yu went to the northwest frontier for an inspection for nearly two months.Su Yu collected the first-hand information he obtained along the way, especially the problems he found in the national defense project, into a report and truthfully reported to the central government.Conclusion: In September 1982, Su Yu’s health got worse and worse.Eventually, he had to take a back seat.Even so, Su Yu was always involved in the cause of the Party and the country.On February 5, 1984, Su Yu died in Beijing at the age of 77.General Su Yu, who is flexible and good at making strange troops, has been practicing the mission of serving the Party and the people all his life.