From a journalist to a plum planter, the new farmer plans to build the base into a rural leisure tourism resort

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Day, when the people in mass, jian-hua cheng walks into the tatsuta community is located in qianjiang district apeng river town of the fields, he looked at pieces of green pickle contemplating, after the Spring Festival, the base will implement high standard farmland construction, how to after organization a&m this hundred Chinese acres, more than 30 ten thousand jins pickle to harvest.Before engaging in agricultural projects, Cheng Jianhua was a real literati.Despite growing up in his hometown of Wuping town, Fengdu County, Cheng knew nothing about agriculture.In 1999, after graduating from Fuling Teachers’ College, with his passion for writing, he was successfully employed by Qianjiang Daily as a reporter.After five years in education journalism, he jumped to chongqing Wujiang Industrial Group, where he worked as an executive in one of its subsidiaries.Cheng Jianhua has been a restless heart, he is not willing to go on so flat light life.In 2014, Cheng quit his job to start his own business.From contracting brick factories to doing real estate marketing, to bidding agent, he officially entered the agricultural field in 2020.”In the past two years, the country has vigorously promoted rural revitalization, and all aspects of the policy are good, so I discussed with several classmates to do agriculture together.”Cheng Jianhua chose the place where he began to work — Qianjiang.In October 2020, Cheng’s company, Meijian Agriculture (Chongqing) Co., signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with the Government and longtian community of Apengjiang Town in Qianjiang District to transfer 1,000 mu of land and start planting rock sugar plums.”We decided to plant rock sugar plum after a multi-party comparison.”Cheng jianhua said the rock sugar plum variety they planted belongs to the crispy plum series, which is sweeter, tastes better and is larger than wushan crispy plum.Engage in agricultural planting, for cheng Jianhua who has never been engaged in agriculture, the difficulty is relatively big, and they are more lucky, got the guidance of technical personnel of agricultural technology service center of Agriculture and rural area Committee of Qianjiang District.”In the cultivation of plum trees, attention must be paid to drainage in low-lying areas, otherwise the fruit trees will be drowned, and pruning and pulling of fruit trees should be strictly controlled.”Cheng Jianhua said, these are expert guidance after he just know, let them take many detours less.Because fruit trees are just planted, the row spacing between trees is relatively wide, if not used, it will cause idle waste of land, so they began to plant understory vegetables on the row spacing between trees.Pickled mustard, beans, cabbage, the harvest is good.This year, they will also plant 500 mu of miben pumpkins, 200 mu of qianjiang watermelons and 300 mu of soybeans.Cheng Jianhua said, honey this pumpkin is easy to store, high yield, one mu can reach more than 5000 catties, very suitable for forest planting.The vegetable output value of interplanting is expected to reach 1.5-1.6 million yuan or so this year, and the base of 1000 mu of rock candy plum can hang fruit next year, if it is a bumper year, the output value of plum can reach 30-40 million yuan.At that time, their rock sugar plum will also go from the remote Wuling mountain area to the national market through online and offline channels.Cheng Jianhua said, Qianjiang district to support rural revitalization of the policy is very strong, their base is now qianjiang district agriculture and Rural committee to create a high standard farmland construction model project, the total investment of more than 12 million yuan, will start construction after the Spring Festival, industrial roads, ponds, ditches will be all built.The base has been built for more than two years, and 1,000 mu of land has been transferred, involving more than 200 peasant households. The peasant households usually work on the farm, but when the base is busy, they go to the base for temporary work.Cheng jianhua said that in the past two years, they led local farmers to increase their annual income by more than 1,000 yuan.Now, Cheng Jianhua has been from an agricultural layman, became a “new farmer”.For the future, Cheng jianhua is confident.The company’s base plot is located in the center of Zhuoshui 5A scenic spot and Shenguxia 4A scenic spot of Qianjiang, with very convenient transportation. According to the development of this area, they plan to build the base into a rural leisure tourism resort integrating agriculture, culture and tourism in the future.Reporter notes: “go to the countryside, the vast world has a great success.”From a journalist to an enterprise executive to a new farmer, this is not only a change in his personal career path, but also shows the country’s strong support for rural revitalization.The rural revitalization market is vast, attracting a large number of enthusiastic young people like Cheng Jianhua to devote themselves to the construction of a new countryside. They are starting their own businesses through farming and farming, and promoting rural change through industry. Step by step, they are realizing the dream of rural revitalization, showing the new popularity, new hope and new future of rural areas.Upstream news reporter Xu Ju