Be sure to watch tonight, and there’s a prize call!

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Under the cherry blossoms in April, there should have been our laughter, but the sudden epidemic separated us. Are you still talking about listening to me sing?Want to see me play?Don’t worry, “Art” to fight the epidemic and wait for bloom “live!At 19:30 on The evening of April 1, we watched the performance online. We turned on our mobile phones and computers to cheer for the fight against the epidemic.Tune in to the following live platforms on April 1 at 19:30 PM:Archimedes client “Shanghai Chongming” APP “Shanghai Chongming” video number “Shanghai Chongming” Diyin Chongming District Radio and TELEVISION station comprehensive broadcast FM88.7/102.5 * “Shanghai Chongming” APP * If you have downloaded and installed “Shanghai Chongming” mobile phone client, you can directly watch live on the APP oh!If you haven’t already downloaded it, search “Shanghai Chongming” in the “App Market” or “App Store” to download it.Scan the QR code can also download and install!* “Shanghai Chongming” video number * Scan the qr code below, follow “Shanghai Chongming” video number * “Shanghai Chongming” Douyin * follow “Shanghai Chongming”, enter the direct broadcast room to participate.Save the picture above to the album, open Douyin scan to identify the saved QR code.* Archimedes client * Chongming District radio and TELEVISION station integrated broadcasting FM88.7/102.5 and a collection order!To strengthen the prevention consciousness of all outbreak “Shanghai chongming” decided to collect a batch of resistance to disease good propaganda work around with the power of literature and art to drive people to create a healthy home maybe you have a touching story of war “epidemic” want to share you may have a good resistance to the disease prevention and control experience can pass maybe you have a good wishes to express whether you are experiencing, participants and witnesses, recordCan pick up the phone with us explore record war touching story of the “epidemic” “disease” and moving moment of resistance to disease activity theme “art”, wait for flowers to collect content on chongming outbreak theme works of poetry, reading, drama segments, song, dance, instrumental music playing, singing with actions, painting, calligraphy, photography, etc.The collection period is from now until April 30, 2022. All works must be original, closely related to the theme of fighting against the epidemic, promoting the spirit of fighting against the epidemic, and recording touching stories.Encourage individuals or families as the unit, the arrangement of positive and optimistic, healthy and progressive art works, the story content is relatively complete, pay attention to the ideological, artistic and ornamental, to achieve visualization, concrete, life, full of appeal, positive propaganda significance, suitable for promotion and dissemination.1, work requirements: including the introduction of the author, creation background, etc.2. Video shooting requirements: horizontal screen shooting, stable picture, sufficient light, clean background, clear sound and pleasant soundtrack.The video works should be submitted in MP4 format with a resolution of no less than 1280px*720px.(Video file size less than 300M) Please scan code for registration: During the collection of works exhibition and broadcast, some excellent works will be regularly selected and broadcast on Chongming APP, wechat public account, Video account, Douyin and Chongming District radio and TV station, and certain rewards will be given.Consultation telephone: 021-39601025 Teacher Xi, Teacher Wang (Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00) text and Text: Xi Quchao, Cheng Xue, Shi Dan, Wang Lei Editor: Zhang Yueyang