A Writer from Shenzhen writes about the Spring Festival | The Source of Happiness for Chinese New Year (by Jing Dong)

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The Spring Festival represents people’s expectation of renewal and prosperity.Spring Festival, bearing the heavy historical accumulation and emotional aggregation shenzhen Business Daily/Duchuang presents to you the source of happiness for the Spring Festival writer: The quiet winter thousands of families pupil day, always change the new peach in the old symbol.After winter recuperation.Time to deeper point, slowly into the most beautiful time in a year, the rich scene slowly show.At this time, people all preparation, is to welcome the new luck.”Children look forward to Chinese New Year, adults look forward to ploughing fields.”It’s an old saying in our part of the world.Childhood years, the most profound.As soon as the twelfth lunar month arrives, mother gets busy, killing pigs, cooking bacon, pig blood balls, mildewed tofu, laba beans, fried melon seeds and peanuts;Upstairs and downstairs cleaning, my father took us to write Spring Festival couplets, paste couplets, busy.Mother will do the New Year’s goods, neatly basked in the sun in the corner, the biting wind blowing, I think, this is the so-called “dry years.”In fact, the family is not well-off, but parents did not pass on too much hardship to us.I, in particular, grew up in an all-male family probably from my great-grandfather, and in my father’s generation, each brother had only one girl, so I was especially favored.After the busy in an orderly way, New Year’s Eve came as promised.”So when the song shou, the New Year to greet the candle.”Mother worship god, “eat meat on the chopping block” formally opened the New Year’s Eve overture, cooked bacon on the chopping block, greasy cut, directly with chopsticks to choke, stuffed into the mouth, with fresh baked sweet rice wine, crisp and smooth taste.Now how are not able to eat, so large meat, fat in the meantime, even if the next mouth, think of the body will rise a lot of meat, also never dare to wanton.”Joy even in the house of Heaven, family size and reunion.”The family, surrounded by the warm stove, said endless words, the old year review, the New Year outlook, all to a big summary, this is the cohesion of the family.However, the heart is still a little nervous, always afraid of saying the wrong thing.Be careful what you say and say something lucky.Take away all the dishes and chopsticks. Don’t drop them.Otherwise, the adults are always unhappy.Remember one year, playing games with my brother, accidentally said the wrong words.After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the mother still could not let go, said to “tear my mouth.”I look like a kid in trouble, and I don’t know what’s wrong.Hometown to eat the custom of New Year’s dinner, is very unrealistic: mostly in the second day four or five o ‘clock in the morning, eat while dawn.Every now and then, my mother would wake us up downstairs, over and over again.Back then, we never woke up, and the temptation to get out of bed on winter nights was overwhelming.Also often is this time, the in the mind is particularly agitated.I vowed to break this abominable tradition when I became the master of my own house.Childhood and do not know the specific reason, then vaguely heard one of the views is: there was the death of the family to go to the cemetery worship, this is never encountered, otherwise not auspicious, so to catch time to eat;There are to eat early, is a relative is about to “travel”.Travel, is an important choice, generally will choose enthusiastic family or important relatives.As a result, the New Year’s first outing has become picky and cautious.Let off firecrackers, the New Year dinner began.This is also very sophisticated.Remember that one year, the firecrackers bought at home may be damp, discharge process suddenly interrupted, not ring.My father instantly looked bad, and I seemed to hear his heart “thump”.Since then, the family no longer set off firecrackers, after many years to resume.A dozen dishes, early in the morning, actually want to eat very little, mostly symbolic eat.After eating, we will enter the most yearning link – the father issued New Year’s money.We sat upright and hoped that he would say something like “study hard and make a lot of profits”, and then the money would be handed to us.”A hundred dollars to wear color line long, points to pillow from the collection”, this ceremoniously completed, we began to change the new dress dress.At this point, it will be light enough.Yuanri spring all things know.About the first day, there are a lot of views.One of the biggest unwritten rules is: You don’t go to people’s houses.”The first cub, the first Erlang, the first three four worship girls.”Therefore, the first day is not casually go to other people’s house, this day is the son to his parents New Year, of course, those who love playing cards is not taboo about this.There is also the “seven do not go, eight do not return”, childhood relatives, to the eighth day, aunt is how do not let back.Because you can’t just drop in.Then, outside that long road became a beautiful beautiful scenery line.Young men and girls all dressed in new clothes, while from the above down, and then from the following go up, mighty “pressure road”, as if the New Year clothing contest.Now and then someone opened the window and said, wow, what a girl is that? She’s turned out so pretty!Meet but I wish xinzheng shou.New Year’s day, it seemed, was just a day when everyone became polite and polite and smiled brightly.To ring noon, all walk tired, all gathered to the road on both sides of the tomb hill, chat, very happy.It’s the perfect time.So, from the beginning of the first day, young I, every night to pray: time ah, please stay here.Or, slow down, slow down.But time never stopped because of my piety.Years of growth, sister-in-law into the door, the home more lively.The formality of childhood faded on New Year’s Eve.We all grow up, pick some good words to say, parents happy bloom.After work, under the call of the organization headed by his father, the family’s New Year’s Eve did not know when to deduce into an important period of playing mahjong, and play big and fierce, mother became a waiter serving tea and pouring water.At home for the New Year, the important watershed, is my marriage.In fact, I am not really married, just engaged.”Married out of the female, spilled out of the water,” the custom of the hometown, BUT I can not celebrate the New Year in their own home.Although argued hard, but the mother was determined to finish three years later.Her husband came from a scholarly family, and her in-laws were introverted and rigorous, with a gentle demeanor that was quite different from her mother’s excessive enthusiasm.During the Spring Festival, there is nothing special at home. The walls are covered with mathematical formulas and idioms. Even during the Spring Festival, most children read and write at home and do not advocate visiting relatives and friends.Very different from the open and festive atmosphere of my home.Usually home less, communication is not much, where to sit, on pins and needles.Eating, as hunan people, the whole family unexpectedly do not eat chili, but I do not like hot ah, eating is tasteless.Finally get to bed, lying in bed, especially homesick, think of the lively scene at home, not by tears of sadness.The next day dawn, eat New Year’s meal, with the fastest speed to slip back home, complete release.Fortunately, this situation did not last long, I found myself quickly adapted to the new environment, gradually understand the character of the in-laws, more communication with each other, the New Year will be free and comfortable.In some years, the elder brothers and sisters of the husband’s family celebrate the New Year at home.Watching the men of the family gather around the kitchen, carefully steaming turtle, and the steaming time is very careful.That scene, I suddenly feel: for years, home is the best taste;For home, the kitchen is the best taste;And the man who is busy in the kitchen, is the most let a person awe.Now IT seems to me that if men are judged on an overall basis there is one thing: they have to be good cooks.I think it takes talent to cook.Later, we moved to the provincial capital, pengcheng settled.Probably it is not easy to break free from the shackles of parents, yearning for the free and romantic life of two people, also feel that the city’s winter sunshine should be luxury, most of the choice in deep New Year.After the child was born, it was inconvenient to leave, and my mother took care of my children in Shenzhen all year round, so I didn’t have too much care.Back home for the Spring Festival, even less.Occasionally go home for Chinese New Year, see a crop of small children like bamboo shoots after a spring rain grow;Once the teenage years of our face, imperceptibly has a crow’s feet;Those amiable elders do not know when has been gradually away from, fell into the soil of hometown.At this time, the heart infinite melancholy – in fact, most of the time, our biggest enemy, just time.During the first two years in Shenzhen, I kept my promise: deliberately attacking the old tradition and pursuing freedom and innovation with one heart and one mind.For Chinese New Year, I didn’t buy anything, and I ate deliberately more shabby than usual.I remember at that time, my husband was still working in the enterprise, in charge of the RESEARCH and development center, and there were a dozen brothers under him.On New Year’s Eve, people are calling to say New Year’s greetings.While he was on the phone, he scanned the table from time to time — just as usual: three dishes: shredded radish fried meat, vegetables, tofu fish.As phone call after phone call came in, from the beginning of the smile, to later gradually reluctantly, finally answered the phone, hard face, direct accountability.Me, as usual.In order to break the old customs of getting up at five o ‘clock in the morning to eat New Year’s dinner, I deliberately use practical action to drag sleep until nine o ‘clock, just get up to prepare food, haven’t got up, the children at home one by one to call over the New Year, reply: haven’t got up to cook it.Heard my mother on the other end of the phone calling “slacker”!Home relatives to parents New Year, want me in the field, chat on the phone, “we haven’t cooked.”For this, was severely criticized by his father.Two people sitting at home, nothing to watch TV, as if also want to eat something, but did not buy, the overall feeling is still a little inappropriate.The year before the Chinese New Year eve, bestie in the circle of friends posted a glass paper-cut picture.Emotional instant infection, I immediately went straight to the mall, a moment of home large and small decoration.In the following year, I felt more and more like the mother of the past, paying more attention to the ritual sense of the New Year: preparing new clothes for the children, making lots of dishes, superstitious omen, etc.Since there are wechat red envelopes, there are new customs for Chinese New Year.The small electronic red envelope conveys the continuous friendship between people.Spring Festival Gala is no longer important, grabbing red envelopes has become a top priority.Even if grab a point, also happy to participate in this interactive game.The fingertip slides through different groups, and every minute counts.Even when cooking, I put my mobile phone next to the kitchen and flip through it after frying one. I grab one at every turn and accidentally, oh, my dish!My food, it’s burnt!After entertainment, I regretted wasting my precious time.Introspection less than 20 minutes, red envelope over, continue!Only comfort yourself: this is also a way to reduce stress.We need to have fun. Why be so hard on ourselves?A lot of history to cultivate a little tradition;Many traditions, can cultivate a little culture.After all, I have come to realize that the happiness of the year does not care about material things, but lies in the joy of the spirit, the communication of friends, the deepening of family ties, and the continuous feelings and inheritance of traditional culture.Nowadays, many people choose to travel during the Spring Festival.Meeting an idle alter ego in a foreign land and deciphering the code of the mind was also groundbreaking.Shenzhen, a city of immigrants, becomes an “empty city” every Chinese New Year, but I cherish it very much — this city of innovation with a strong sense of rhythm and passion, slows down and becomes quiet at this time — just like a blank space in the long course of life, which nourishes the mood.In the spring, languidly sitting in the sun, open the book, the ink spread;Go back to the desk, write some words that can be written without, enjoy yourself, then really know what is called “quiet years good”.Quiet winter.Successively engaged in teaching, editing, brand culture of listed companies and cultural industry management.He has published more than one million words.Published essays “Love, another Line” and so on.Read: Sun Shijian