Where is the Qianling In Xi ‘an

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The Qianling Mausoleum is one of the eighteen Tombs of the Tang Dynasty in Xianyang City of Xi ‘an, on the Liang Hill north of Gan County.Qianling is the joint tomb of Li Zhi and Wu Zetian, emperor Gaozong of tang Dynasty, and the only royal tomb with two emperors.Why is it called Qianling?Because the qianling mausoleum is located in the northwest of Chang ‘an, according to the eight diagrams, it is located on the Qiangua of the eight diagrams.Then because the tomb is buried in Li Zhi and Wu Zetian, the emperor is the emperor, Wu Zetian is the queen of heaven, dry and the meaning of heaven, so the tomb was named qianling.The qian tomb is tang ling 18 inside the most intact tomb, it is because for ling mountain building, cemetery is a twofold wall structure, basic has damaged the outer walls, however, that only inside the wall intact, the entire cemetery area reached 2.4 million square meters, in addition to bury two emperors, inside there are 17 small buried tomb,There are mainly some royal family members and meritorious officials buried inside.And qianling is still the only one not stolen mausoleum, and it is understood that there is no meaning to excavate, I hope the Qianling can always maintain its original appearance.