What company platform is zhongan Loan?

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A small loan company in Chongqing.1. Zhongan Loan is a small loan limited company established in Chongqing, which was approved and registered by the Supervision and Administration Bureau in October 2017.It is mainly engaged in credit business such as small loan and consumer finance. Users can conduct credit granting, borrowing and other process operations through zhongan small loan APP.In addition, its shareholders are Zhongan Information Technology Services Co., LTD., Tianyi E-commerce Co., LTD., and Bestad Hong Kong Limited.2. Small loan is a loan innovation for customers that cannot be covered by traditional commercial banks. It mainly solves some small, dispersed, short-term, unsecured and unsecured capital needs.3. Expanded data: Investment institutions in China’s small loan market should come from industrial capital;Legally, financing institutions are banks. In terms of policy, leverage tools such as deposit-taking, inter-bank lending and asset securitization have not been liberalized, and financing through listing is still being explored.