Global Wired | Listen!The sound of them celebrating New Year on the other side of the world

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What is the sound of Spring Festival in your memory?The rolling of the dumplings?The clink of glasses at a reunion?Or the sound of a train horn pulling into the station?On the other side of the world, Spring Festival has a different sound…”This year is my 18th year in Mexico.During the festival, I usually accompany athletes to train together. The sound of splashing and springboard is the most familiar sound for me during the Spring Festival.”In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Diving coach Ma Jin, head of the Chinese sports coaching team for Mexico, will concentrate on training with her Mexican students.In 2003, Ma Jin, a diving coach from Beijing, came to Mexico to teach.Who would have thought she’d stay here for almost 19 years.In November 2012, the Mexican government awarded Ma Jin the Order of the Aztec Eagle for her outstanding contributions to the sports and cultural exchanges between China and Mexico.In the eyes of Ma jin’s disciples, her teaching and training not only maintain The Chinese style, such as punctuality, strictness, setting an example and perseverance, but also integrate into Mexican life habits and culture.In the past 19 years, Chinese coaches have gone to Mexico one after another, but Ma Jin has stayed behind. She has always been practicing herself and sticking to the front line, finding good seeds and cultivating good players, and nurturing and caring for the flower of friendship in sports cooperation between the two countries.”This is the fourth Spring Festival I spent in Dominica, and I don’t feel hard, because the purpose of our work here is to make dominica people eat cheaper, more abundant fresh vegetables.”Hui Yonglu is an expert of the Agricultural technical Cooperation program supported by the Chinese government in Dominica.During the Spring Festival, he and his colleagues planned to take care of peppers and melons in greenhouses, where they were already hanging fruit, and talk to local farmers about new techniques such as biological pest control.In the evening, agricultural experts plan to make dumplings together and wish the New Year by video with their families.In March 2005, the project was officially launched, and the expert team from Xintian International has been taking turns to stick to it.Thanks to their efforts, 28 new technologies, such as greenhouse seedling cultivation and three-dimensional cultivation, have been promoted in Dominica, and dozens of new cash crops have been introduced into the local market.The Government of Dominica once awarded the “Outstanding Achievement Award” medal to the Chinese agricultural experts for their great contribution to the agricultural modernization and technological upgrading and industrial development of Dominica.Zhang Dapeng, Xu Wei: “To ensure the normal operation of local wind power facilities, can not stop because of the Chinese New Year.Make a video call home and we’ll have a good year.”Two operation and maintenance engineers, Zhang Dapeng and Xu Wei, are checking the equipment carefully in the machine room of The Roman Blanca project of Argentina Golden Wind Technology Wind Farm.The uniform sound of the motor in their ears told them that everything was working properly.This Spring Festival will be their second in Argentina.It was a working day in Argentina, and while they chatted about the project and technology, they also planned to prepare fresh food for New Year’s Eve with colleagues.In Argentina, Goldwind has invested in five wind farms.Data from Argentina’s Power Grid Control Center show that the unit’s operation performance ranks first among dozens of wind farms in Argentina.These projects not only created 1,500 local jobs, but also provided the country with at least 1.6 billion kilowatt hours of clean energy, equivalent to saving 800,000 tons of standard coal use and reducing co2 emissions by about 2 million tons.Wang Lingzhi: “Scientific research is as vast as the starry sky.Work is lonely, but in a foreign land, there are small but real happiness.”Wang lingzhi and her husband are both scholars at the China-Chile Joint Astronomy Research Center of the National Astronomical Observatories.In April 2015, they flew together to Chile to specialize in time-domain astronomy and supernovae.This will be their fifth Spring Festival in Chile.Due to the impact of the epidemic, Wang Lingzhi moved the discussion of international cooperation online, and the work is continuing in an orderly manner.At night, when the weather is good, Wang lingzhi will take her young child to look up at the sky and tell her stories from the stars.As for Chinese New Year, Wang lingzhi said that making dumplings with her family gives her a strong Spring Festival flavor and warm feeling.Zhang Junhua: “As Chinese, no matter where we are, we should remember our Chinese tradition and our Chinese culture.”In 1986, Zhang flew to Panama and began his career as a wholesale and retail entrepreneur, gradually establishing roots in the Central American country.He now runs several companies in La Jorella, Panama.In his spare time, he likes to organize activities with Chinese fellow villagers to promote china-Pakistan exchanges and promote Traditional Chinese culture.In order to welcome the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Zhang Junhua and the Overseas Chinese around him prepared in advance and rehearsed the lion dance and other performances carefully.However, considering the pandemic, they decided to cancel the gathering and record a series of performances instead.In their hearts, the sound of drums will ride the wind and waves to send Spring Festival greetings from the Caribbean to their compatriots across the ocean.(Reporters: Chen Yao, Huang Shunda, Su Jin, Chen Yin;Editing: Shun Tat Wong;Editor: Cheng Rarain, Wang Shen) Produced by Xinhua International Department and produced by Xinhua International Communication Integration Platform