You make your own luck

2022-05-16 0 By

There are many people who complain about their bad luck and their inability to do anything.Why do other people have so much luck?Everything you do is a great success, and everything you don’t expect is a great success.It was pure luck.In fact, a person’s good luck in everything depends not on luck, but on the creation and chance of luck.Do not build the word, sometimes meet with one or two coincidences, perhaps do not rely on building, this is also some, and besides the luck of this one or two coincidences, the vast majority of good luck is to rely on the back of the good luck person to build.Beauty is unmade luck. Luck in exams, for example, is mostly made by yourself.The knowledge skill that you learn, the content that take an examination of the question is thoroughly understood, you take an exam, it is a process purely, take an exam again two times do not have a problem.This is not to rely on luck, this is completely in the study review process to build.In the winter of life, life has taken a big leap, learning what to become, can achieve unexpected success in life.This is the first half of my life.As an old saying goes, “the ancients have no power to learn, while the young are old.”It is more worthwhile to strive for luck to build a strong hand.No construction, little luck.That is, there is no temporary build luck, it can only be fleeting.The luck that changes life destiny, should be the result that builds for a long time, get temporarily.(Recognition please pay attention to, thank you).