Warriors are 3 out of 4 against clippers!Kerr is messing around with Curry and the Clippers are embarrassing the lakers

2022-05-16 0 By

Hello, I’m 183 masked man.Here are 5 things to say about the Warriors’ 119-104 loss to the Clippers in today’s western Conference game.1. Curry had a hot shot like he hasn’t had recently, scoring 33 points on 11-of-18 shooting and 8-of-13 3-pointers.In the first quarter, he hit 4 3s in a row, one of which turned around without looking at the basket. Curry is probably the only one in the league who has such confidence in 3-point shooting, but unfortunately, curry’s good shooting didn’t help his team get a victory.2. Curry had a big day, but for comparison, Thompson was down, making 3 of 14 shots and scoring 7 points.Coincidentally, Thompson hit a new low just two days after setting a new high.If anything, it’s been too long out of the game to be able to get back on track after a dozen games.1. I told you last time we played the Lakers that Kerr was a real player, and he proved it again today.Curry was hot in the second quarter, but Kerr pulled him out of the game. The Clippers tied the game 8-0 and Kerr pulled Curry out of the game.But the Clippers recovered, and from the start, the Warriors were on the defensive and lost on the road.4. The Warriors, who had won nine games in a row, lost three of four.We’re not talking about the playoffs, because it’s a long way off.I mean, that’s why the Warriors are no. 2 and the SUNS are no. 1.Because the Warriors lack consistency compared to the SUNS.But again, the regular season and the playoffs are different, so warriors fans shouldn’t panic for that reason, much less for the SUNS.5. Praise the Clippers for coming back from behind to beat the Warriors, the Lakers squandered their advantage and the Clippers came back to win.The same Los Angeles team, the Clippers two franchise stars are injured, why the Lakers and others so big gap?By the way, the Clippers are 2 games ahead of the Lakers after today’s win, so come on, Lebron and the rest of them.