Electric Beetle making a comeback?Volkswagen CEO: It’s not impossible

2022-05-16 0 By

When we talk about Volkswagen, the most iconic model is the Beetle, which is almost synonymous with Volkswagen.But the classic car is no longer in production and out of the picture.Another vw icon is the T1 van, and the good news is that the classic has been reborn in the form of an electric version of the ID.Buzz.The classic Type 1 Beetle, over 21 million units were produced in its 65-year life cycle.The New Beetle was less popular, as was the A5, which was discontinued in 2019.Rumors of a new all-electric Beetle have been swirling for years, and vw executives have recently weighed in.Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess said, “The most emotional vehicle in our history is definitely the T1 van, and bringing it back to life is a priority.Of course, it is possible to resurrect other models on the MEB platform.”That’s not a definitive answer, but it opens the door to resurrecting the Beetle, suggesting that at least vw executives have thought about it.This isn’t the first time Diess has mentioned the Beetle EV, as similar claims surfaced in 2018.Diese also weighed in on the issue of electric pickup trucks, saying it would be a good idea to bring them to the U.S. market.Like all major automakers today, Volkswagen has strong electric ambitions. Whether those ambitions include a reborn Beetle or an electric pickup remains to be seen, but the next few years are sure to be interesting.This article is a copy of the original article, please contact the original author and indicate the source, plagiarism will be prosecuted.