Zhang Liansheng representative: four strengthen distinctive features

2022-05-15 0 By

Zhang Liansheng, National People’s Congress representative, Secretary of the Party Branch of Xi ‘an Community, Xicheng Street, Xinluo District, Longyan City, Fujian Province
My name is Zhang Liansheng, a grass-roots representative from the old revolutionary base area of Longyan.After listening to the work report of the “Two High schools”, I feel that the work report of the “two high Schools” has practiced the action that serving the overall situation is the hard position, judicial handling cases is the hard duty, open and efficient is the hard requirement, judicial serving the people is the hard principle, and fair handling cases is the hard responsibility.This year’s report on the work of the two top officials reinforces one idea — the leadership of the Party, centering on one goal — ensuring stability, promoting one innovation — judicial reform, and paying close attention to one supervision — team upgrading.I agree with the work report of the Two institutions and am very satisfied with their work over the past year.This year’s SPP work report has been strengthened in four aspects. The first is to strengthen the quality of the SPP’s work report.Second strengthen: strong strike, do not let the corrupt escape, the net of law is the net of heaven.The third strengthen: strong example, pay close attention to leading cadres to take the lead in dealing with difficult and complex letters and visits cases.The fourth strengthen: strong responsibility, lifelong accountability is not a slogan, error correction can not stop at the state compensation, accountability must fall on the responsibility of the main body is not a slogan.From the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to fujian provincial procuratorial work.In the past year, the “supervision and guardianship order mechanism” pioneered by fujian Procuratorate has been promoted nationwide, and the theoretical research achievements of Fujian Procuratorate also rank among the top of the national procuratorate organs.It can be said that in the past year, procuratorial organs in Fujian province have made vigorous efforts to crack down on people according to law, achieved effective results in resolving demands, promoted the courage to supervise, and improved the team building.Two suggestions are put forward. First, it is suggested that the rotation of police officers between the Two procuratorates should be further strengthened so as to facilitate the handling of cases more efficiently and fairly.Second, we suggest inviting more deputies to activities of the Two Chambers so that deputies can better understand the work of the two chambers.All in all, both Chambers is the forefront of maintaining harmonious and stable, and all kinds of social contradictions of the wave, and all kinds of disputes of the referee, but people in the eyes of the last glimmer of hope, they working sometimes rational couldn’t say for sure, “” show just met soldiers, to some extent, sometimes working like” mouse ran into a bellows — both suffer indignities “, therefore, judges, prosecutors, pressure big, heavy responsibility,We should all care for them more, support them more and understand them more.(Source: Procuratorial Daily)