Shuocheng Public Security Sub-bureau to ensure the social stability during the Spring Festival

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Yellow River News Network Shuozhou news (correspondent Xie Lingxia) During the Spring Festival holiday, the shuozhou Shuocheng Branch of public Security police in accordance with the shanxi Provincial Public Security Department, Shuozhou Public Security Bureau party Committee relevant deployment requirements, the whole police mobilization, multiple measures, give full play to their functions, do a good job in preventing risks, security, stability and work.During the Spring Festival, shuocheng district continued to maintain social stability.The Party Committee of Shuocheng Public Security Sub-bureau attaches great importance to the Security work of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics. The Party Committee (expanded) meeting, key work promotion meeting and special meeting were held many times before and after the Spring Festival to arrange and deploy.Especially for banned banned work, the first New Year’s eve of shuocheng banned banned work thorough deployment, respectively, on New Year’s eve festival, winter Olympics opening ceremony held a special meeting on the day that day, analyzes the problems existing in the burning banned, combined with the ban burning banned in the work plan of the winter Olympic Games, winter paralympic games security plan “” two” security plan “, further strengthening measures,We should tighten our responsibilities and redeploy and push forward the current key work.Shuocheng Public Security Sub-bureau effectively played the role of the main force of the public security organs, mobilized the whole police, combined with the team, according to the principle of regional division, bureau leaders and the director of the relevant police station to pack pieces, the civilian auxiliary police to pack points, fixed posts and fixed personnel, solid promote the in-depth development of the work of the ban on burning and releasing.Especially in the New Year’s Eve, the first, second, fifth and other important time nodes, all the police out to carry out the fire and fire prohibition concentrated action, remarkable results.Focusing on key areas and ensuring precise and effective social meeting control, the police force has been devoted to patrol and prevention and control to the maximum extent. The density and intensity of patrol and control have been increased in key areas such as shopping malls, Spring Festival cultural activity sites and parks, so that police cars can be seen in the daytime and police lights can be seen at night, and the rate of police officers and officers in charge has been effectively increased.And strictly check “nine small places” and other key places, effectively eliminate security risks.The first-level security work for the Winter Olympics has been strictly carried out. Checkpoints have been set up at Shuozhou Railway Station and Shuozhou Bus Station to give full play to the role of the “filter net” of entry checkpoints, focus on key targets and tasks, and tighten inspection and control work to further strengthen the security line of the “Moat around Beijing”.In addition to carrying out first-level public security prevention and control duties, the sub-bureau scientifically arranged police forces, strictly guarded the checkpoint of epidemic prevention and control, checked and controlled passing vehicles and people 24 hours a day, strictly prevented the importation of the epidemic, and ensured the safety of the Spring Festival and the stability of the Olympic Games.Next, new city public security bureau will continue to carry forward the successive fine style, more full of enthusiasm and high morale, more exuberant energy, earnestly implement the “three know two get promoted” requirement, take concrete actions to continue to pay special attention to the Lantern Festival, the winter games, the paralympic games security work, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honours.[Edit: Feng Ying]