Pick the “star”, I jin!

2022-05-15 0 By

According to the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters, Gate 20 of Zhongshan Beili, Jianchang Road, Hebei District, Tianjin has been adjusted as a low-risk area since February 16, 2022.Since then, all medium-high risk areas in Tianjin have been cleared, and all areas are low-risk areas.On the travel card of communication big data, Tianjin has “picked the star” and is no longer marked with “*”.”Unsealing” does not mean “unsealing”.Those who do not meet the prescribed time limit, such as centralized isolation, home isolation and home medical observation, shall continue to be managed in accordance with the control policy.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still serious. Residents are advised to continue to wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep ventilation and avoid gatherings, and work together to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.Source: Jinyun