Cultivation of snow in June

2022-05-15 0 By

June snow breeding method is as follows: 1. Do not need too much light snow in June, when feeding, can put it in the place with enough astigmatism, let it for photosynthesis, keep the leaf green, in addition, the snow is not resistant to the sun in June, summer is best to transfer it to the half cloudy place, avoid the sun direct illuminate the leaves turn yellow.2. The requirement of the soil for snow in June is not high, but it must be loose, fertile and ventilated.In addition, because alkaline soils do not provide enough nutrients for the roots of plants, the soil must be acidic when planting June snow.3. Snow in June does not need to be watered too much, just need to keep the moisture of the soil, usually pay more attention to the basin soil, if there is a dry sign, it is necessary to water in time.But pay attention to prevent water accumulation, resulting in root ulceration.Summer temperature is gradually high, water evaporation speed will accelerate, so, summer to increase the number of watering, and water through the stem and leaf, in order to maintain indoor humidity.Expansion: The growth of snow in June, must have sufficient nutrients, but also can not blindly give it water, pay attention to the right amount.Before winter to apply a cake fertilizer, such as it flowering, and then apply a cake fertilizer, can meet its nutritional needs.