China’s women’s volleyball team has only one gold medal left in the Asian Games

2022-05-15 0 By

Many people say that this year’s Asian Games, the three ball only women’s volleyball gold point ball: men’s football, even Vietnam can not play, Asian Games countries can enter the last eight are in doubt, women’s football hard strength is not as good as Japan, and Japan to grab the gold medal or the odds are not high, let alone the three ball Australia women’s football team also want to participate in.Basketball: the Asian Games Australia to participate in, the strength of the Australian men’s and women’s basketball are able to close their eyes to sweep the Chinese men’s and women’s basketball is mainly Japan, Australia is not afraid, women’s basketball is not afraid of kangaroos, afraid of Japan.Recently, China lost to Japan in the Final of the Asian Women’s Basketball Cup, which directly led to the change of the coach of The Chinese women’s volleyball team: It is almost impossible for the men’s volleyball team to beat Iran, so they can only compete for a medal, and the only one who can hope for the gold medal is The Chinese women’s volleyball team, which won the gold medal in the Asian Games last time.Women’s football and women’s basketball teams have opportunities to change their coaches like changing knives, morale is high when is the Asian Games champion the goal?This is a women’s volleyball team, not men’s, not men’s volleyball.Why?Women’s volleyball is ok…Asia dirty with the exception of the Japanese, Korean, Thai, South Korea didn’t gold soft scene, Japan is also in decline, medal competition without feeling too big problem, don’t give me 13 Asian championship and name thank you) has to grasp team unity has always been good, actually CAI a period of time while the result is bad, but the feeling is very maintenance of CAI, we also have a kind of indispensable feeling.And then I went to Jiangsu without drama.Compared with some coaches have been drama, with athletes contradiction dispute continuously, especially one to a particular person, I am not everyone don’t reserved seats, can only say that suppressed, the team has murmurs of really a lot of women’s football team, look from the Asian cup, hard power is poor Japan could win in addition to the factors and luck, will play again or the odds are higher, in Japan,The current coach of The Japanese women’s football team is similar to the growth coach of the youth team accompanying CAI Bin when he entered the Palace. It is not enough to have the experience of international competitions like CAI Bin being shot and beaten at the first time. If the Japanese women’s football team continues to use him, it is estimated that there will be certain suspense