Can’t patients with high uric acid eat fish?The doctor reminds: if do not want gout attack, 3 things also please touch less

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Guide language: in our life now, a lot of people are also suffering from 3 high diseases, and now the incidence of 3 high problems is higher and higher, has gradually tended to younger, this has to cause the attention of people.In addition to the three high diseases, the occurrence of high uric acid, the fourth highest, also makes people miserable. Ten years ago, high uric acid was the exclusive problem of the elderly, but now the young people have no way to avoid it.As a very common metabolic disease, high uric acid has many complications, and the most unbearable one is gout. Once gout breaks out, people will be overwhelmed with pain and wake up in the process of sleep.And the problem of high uric acid is mainly because the uric acid in the body is beyond the standard values of, uric acid is one of the Rhine purine metabolites, so in People’s Daily life, if excessive intake of purine material, so can easily affect the uric acid level, at this time will be easy to make elevated uric acid, induce gout attacks.Therefore, in our daily life, we must pay attention to control the intake of high purine food. When talking about high purine food, we may think of seafood food first, such as fish. Then for patients with high uric acid, is it true that no fish can be eaten at all?01 Can’t patients with high uric acid eat fish?In daily life, fish can be divided into many kinds. For patients with high uric acid, do not eat grass carp at ordinary times. Other fish can be eaten appropriately, but the consumption must be controlled.The reason why patients with high uric acid should eat less fish is that fish is a high-protein food with a high content of purine. For patients with high uric acid, high-protein food will also easily lead to disease aggravation and increase uric acid value.For most people, it is impossible not to eat fish directly, and fish also contains many nutrients, appropriate eating can bring health benefits, but also to remind everyone when eating fish, in addition to good control of fish consumption, also can not go to drink fish soup.Fish should be eaten more than 10 days apart. If fish is eaten frequently and frequently, uric acid will rise easily and eventually cause uric acid problems.If you want to eat fruit, you should eat fresh fruit. Do not drink fruit juice, because the sugar concentration of fruit juice is high, which will easily produce uric acid in the process of metabolism in the body. At this time, it will easily increase the uric acid concentration in the blood.In addition, fructose is a high-calorie substance, which will easily increase fat after metabolism. In this case, purine metabolism will be easily affected, so try not to drink fruit juice or eat food with high fructose content.High fat food in our daily life, high fat food is very common, such as fried chicken, French fries, braised pork and so on are especially delicious, very popular and popular with people.However, it is not recommended for people to eat such food regularly, because the trans fatty acid content of fried food is very high, which is not only bad for the health of blood lipids, but also easy to increase the uric acid value, leading to the occurrence of gout.Animal viscera Purine content in animal viscera is very high, but also contains very high cholesterol, often a lot of eating, will increase uric acid value, will not be good for health.When eating animal offal, you can use depurine measures to stew the animal offal with water first, and then throw away the soup. Eating less can also help avoid the problem of uric acid rising.Drink plenty of water If you want to prevent uric acid from rising, the first thing people need to do is drink plenty of water.Daily water intake should be controlled in more than 1500 milliliters of water, help to promote the excretion of uric acid, but also to control the uric acid value in a reasonable range.Proper exercise Proper exercise can accelerate the body’s metabolism level, but also promote blood circulation throughout the body, help to discharge excess uric acid in the body, which has a very great help to stabilize the control of uric acid value.It is recommended that you do more than 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day to control your weight within a reasonable range, such as walking, swimming, jogging, taijiquan, cycling are very good exercise.The rise of uric acid in low purine diet is mainly caused by the disorder of purine metabolism, so in People’s Daily life, we can start from the diet.Choose foods with low levels of purine to keep uric acid levels under control.About stable control of uric acid, don’t know if you have any other tips, might as well share in the comments section below, we share knowledge and health.Healthy New Year