Can projection play like this?Take creative Instagram-inspired photos every minute

2022-05-15 0 By

Tools are dead, people are alive, people’s thought, give tools spirituality!Projections, as a common display device, are sometimes “office supplies” in meeting rooms, sometimes “home theater” in the living room, and sometimes “tools” for insta-inspired photos.Projection “help” photography form, the earliest should be popular from THE INS, and then some domestic net celebrities, stars, netizens have also “punch” this form.In fact, it is not difficult to realize the INS wind photos, find some pictures with sense, projection onto a variety of media, with light and shade, color, Angle, etc., can be achieved.Although the implementation method is simple, but there are still several points to pay attention to: 1) the traditional projection at work, should avoid moving, but also to prohibit shaking, otherwise the light source may be damaged, or even fry the lamp;2) If there is no dark shooting environment, it is recommended to choose a projection with higher brightness;3) Adjust the color mode to “bright” in the projection system setting;4) It is best to choose projection products with built-in batteries, so that they are not limited to indoor shooting and can be taken outside.It’s not just instagram photos. Samsung recently released its Freestyle projection for VLOG bloggers.Compared to traditional projectors, the Freestyle can be used as a 360° Freestyle, much like spotlights.It’s not just about projection, it’s also about integrated speakers and voice control.The video above, taken from Samsung’s Freestyle projection AD, has to say, I am very excited to watch, sure enough to play.Finally, unlock some new photo poses for you!