Wrong use of eye cream, one year old 3 years

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They say you can guess a man’s age by looking at his eyes.If you don’t believe me, which one of these looks older?Apparently, wrinkles, dullness and dark circles under the eyes age the same person by three years!Sad truth: Eye skin is thinner and more fragile than the rest of your face, prone to pigmentation (dark circles), aging and sagging (fine lines)…At this time, an eye cream that can resist wrinkles, brighten and fade dark circles is very important!Today we found a very durable eye cream, can improve the expression lines, dark circles, dark eyes, a lifelong study of the morning and evening eye cream.A dual-use, two-pronged, and the price is quite close to the people, 1 as long as 119 yuan, even if the whole face is not distressed!Do not hesitate, this is to have A look – advertising – A multi-effect affordable eye cream – first to show you A look, this is A very rare double head design in the market, one is day cream, one is night cream, each head is 10 mL, the outside world generally when it is used as morning C night A eye cream.Why this design?As we all know, the skin has a circadian rhythm, and tends to repair at night, while the skin is more defensive during the day.[1] Since there is this rule, we use skin care products on the basis of mastering this rule, naturally, it will get twice the result with half the effort.Use early cream antioxidant during the day to brighten skin color, use late cream at night to improve wrinkles, one from early to late, directly help you with a good amount, need not specially prepare two back and forth replacement still worry about stimulation!The market price of 149 yuan/a lifetime of grinding eye cream, the lilac home limited time to open each group as long as 119 yuan to buy two stand reduced 30 yuan!Anti-oxidant, Lighten and Improve Dark circles – This eye cream morning cream, added 8% VC-IP, which is a VC derivative, belongs to the VC derivatives of the more expensive kind, gentler and more stable than the original VC.And while prototype VC is usually water-soluble, this VC-IP is oil-soluble and more permeable.The concentration of 8% can effectively improve the pigment precipitation and dark skin color caused by ultraviolet light, and brighten the skin color around the eyes.It also contains coffee extract, caffeine, which can improve local microcirculation, reduce dark circles and edema.Because contains 8% VC-IP, the concentration is very high, but because it is not VC “I”, but derivatives, the use of skin feeling is more mild, not easy to have a tingling feeling, so did not set must be used during the day, the whole face at night what can, itself is also a high dose of brightening cream!Photo stamp, buy night cream now to improve eye expression lines – after morning cream, let’s talk about night cream.It adds 20% acetyl hexapeptide-8 solution, an anti-wrinkle ingredient that mimics nerve signals, reduces muscle contractions, improves eye lines, crow’s feet, brow lines, and reduces fine facial wrinkles.The third-party test report showed that Ra value of skin wrinkles in the anterior area of 32 subjects decreased by 5.85% after 3 days of sample use compared with before sample use, showing a significant difference.After 7 days of use, Ra value of skin wrinkles on the anterior side decreased by 7.99%, showing a significant difference.After 14 days of use, Ra value of skin wrinkles on the anterior side decreased by 6.82%, showing a significant difference.It has also been tested to improve skin redness.Not only that, but the active ingredients include antioxidants like vitamin E and moisturizers like allantoin, squalane and tremella polysaccharide.There are vitamin A ester derivatives, small molecular weight, more easily transdermal absorption.It does not contain hormone, pigment, essence, alcohol, paraben preservatives and acne-causing risk ingredients. It is a relatively safe and reliable formula system.Stamp chart, buy now said so much, must give everyone a try.Look!Open the double head design that can see it, white edge this is early frost, belong to emulsion quality of a material, wipe up frivolous, watery embellish.Black edge this head is late frost, belong to frost quality of a material, use more moist in the evening.Note: 1. Although the irritation of VC-IP is small, it still has certain irritation for people with sensitive skin and thin cuticle.It is recommended to use small amounts to establish tolerance and then follow the recommended dosage.2. As night cream contains retinoid derivatives, it will be inactivated under ultraviolet light, so do a good job of strict sunscreen during the day.3. Avoid applying it to the eyelid part close to eyelashes, so as not to cause eye irritation.Such an eye cream can wrinkle, brighten, improve dark circles, the market is basically around 300.This time lilac home limited time group, 20 mL of lifelong research eye cream, the price is very sweet – each 20 mL only 119 yuan to buy two immediately reduced 30 yuan!If you have heavy wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes, you are recommended to try its early C Late A Pro, which contains 8% VC-IP + 15% acetyl hexapeptidyl-1 + 3% caffeine osmotic complex.Can dilute mixed dark circles, anti-wrinkle effect is stronger!Open group price only 189 yuan, buy the same 2 mL and basic 2 mL eye cream and 5 g soothing essence oh.Stamp figure, buy immediately and say one more word, after using dimension A products to do A strict sunscreen, there are suitable for autumn and winter daily use of sunscreen, together more convenient oh!▎ merchandise information activity name: a life time eye cream activity2022-02-13 00:00 to 2022-02-17 24:00 Delivery information: 3 working days after the order delivery, postponed in case of holidays.Order search: wechat search health store mini program — you can view logistics information.Contact customer service: open the product details – the lower left corner – click “customer service” message.