Where is Beijing’s children military summer camp better

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In the summer vacation, I signed up for the Beijing Children’s military summer camp to feel the hardship of the army and the elegance of soldiers, so that children can learn to firm their faith, dare to challenge the limit, break through themselves, and know how to be grateful.In this short holiday to get a new change of experience!Let’s take a look at the Beijing children’s military summer camp where is better!As the fundamental guarantee to improve the quality of talent cultivation, the building of teaching staff is a full-time military coach + military development division + excellent instructor.Each training course is theme-oriented, with the aim of enabling campers to grow through experience and learn while playing.Full service, late follow-up investigation and guidance by psychological counseling teachers, good continuity of learning;Short time effect immediately, improve the concept of time, change bad habits, learn to be grateful and so on.Course Introduction: Oral expression plays an important role in social communication.Therefore, we pay attention to the development of children’s expressive ability.It doesn’t matter what you say, whether you say it well or not, there’s no mocking here!We should first exercise children’s courage, as long as the dare to speak is half the battle.Give me a summer vacation, return you a bold and confident small soldier!Course Introduction: Courses include military, military development, CS field, mental behavior, habits, experience of military service, bearing hardships and growing up, etc.Held since 2008, China youth military camp in training camp, we completely according to the military establishment in class, and even military experience, battalion commander distinctive practice activity, summer and winter camp through all-round, three-dimensional, visual communication activities, help campers with drag lax, to strengthen the attention and focus on doing things, learning efficiency is low,Poor awareness of sharing.Addiction to electronic products, a strong sense of responsibility and other common problems among teenagers.Cultivate campers’ self-discipline, perseverance, insight, initiative, self-confidence, responsibility, coordination, social skills, gratitude, patriotism and other behavior habits.Let teenagers have the most meaningful holidays.Pay attention to open summer camp, you can see more information about summer camp, also can choose the summer camp courses for your child, let your child have a meaningful holiday!