Wenchang: Accelerate the integration of urban and rural water supply construction to improve the security level of urban and rural water supply

2022-05-14 0 By

In recent years, Wenchang has given full play to the leading role of the government and the role of market allocation of resources, accelerated the integration of urban and rural water supply construction, and gradually integrated urban and rural water supply into a “network”, constantly improving the security level of urban and rural water supply.Up to now, the city’s rural tap water penetration rate is 88%, large-scale project service population proportion of 82.3%.Yang Ziren, a villager from Paishan Village, Maoshan Village Committee, Wengtian Town, Wenchang City, said, “Before there was no tap water, we used to rely on this well. We used to draw water and wash vegetables and rice at the same time, just like we do now.”Yang Ziren said that maoshan village committee has a total of 22 villagers groups, 809 households 3711 people, 20 of them achieved tap water coverage by 2021, while Langtianzai village, Paishan village is not connected to tap water, drinking water for groundwater, if the continuous drought weather, drinking water is even more difficult.In 2021, Wenchang built a project to supply water to households in Paishan Village, Maoshan Village Committee of Wengtian Town, and realized water supply in December of the same year, thus solving the drinking water problem in Paishan village.Wenchang City Wengtian town Maoshan village committee paishan village Yang Ziren: “now installed tap water after more convenient than before, this switch can be used as a boiled water.In addition, the water is safe and convenient after being tested. It is much more convenient than having to go and borrow water when it is scarce.”Wenchang City Wengtian Town Maoshan village committee pai Shan village Yang Zifu: “We pai Shan village in 2021 under the help of the government, after the tap water to the household, our draught is convenient, safe and reliable, the masses are very satisfied.”In the work of water supply protection, Wenchang city participates in the integrated construction and operation of urban and rural water supply in the form of activating the existing state-owned assets of water supply projects, and transfers the assets of water supply factories such as East Road, Wengtian and Zhubao free of charge, and the assets of water supply pipelines and ancillary facilities along wenchang Sky City and coastal tourism highway.The municipal government wenchang Municipal Water Company will invest in Wenchang Urban and rural water Group Co., Ltd. to achieve professional and large-scale management.In 2021, the total investment in the integrated construction of urban and rural water supply in the city will be 1.074 billion yuan, of which 138 million yuan will be invested by the government, accounting for 12.8%.Nongovernmental investment reached 936 million yuan, accounting for 87.2 percent of the total.In recent years, the amount of tap water entering households in Gongpo Town has increased year by year, and the water pressure has decreased in the peak period of dry season. At the end of 2021, Wenchang started the construction of the main water supply project from Donglu Water Plant to Shuibei Village of Gongpo Town, and realized the water supply in the middle of January 2022, effectively guaranteeing the living water of villagers in Gongpo Town, especially shuibei Village Committee.Lin Dawson, deputy general manager of Wenchang Urban and rural water group Co., LTD., said, “After this period of construction, we will complete the project according to the quality and quantity, so that farmers, people and enterprises along the line can eat the free water, safe water and qualified tap water.”In 2022, Wenchang will further complement the infrastructure shortage, accelerate the construction of Mulan Water Plant and the expansion of Beishan and Donglu water plants, and constantly complement the pipeline network laying tasks in blank areas of Wenchang.At the same time, we will carry out a number of household projects to increase the availability of tap water for rural residents, consolidate and improve rural drinking water security, and make every effort to ensure that all rural residents have access to tap water.Wenchang City water bureau deputy director Wu Guanhong: “we water bureau scientifically prepared Wenchang city ’14th five-year’ rural water supply security plan, in order to lead the integration of urban and rural water supply work.During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we will ensure the integration of water supply and construction management across the whole region. The penetration rate of tap water in urban and rural areas will reach over 90%, the proportion of population served by large-scale projects will reach 84%, and urban and rural water supply will be homogeneous, with the same network, price and service.”