Put the home in the car, travel everywhere, but also save money!Real shooting Yutong top 6 seats 6 bed rv

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Driving the rv to travel, not only to the most comfortable attitude to experience the wonderful front, but also with the spirit of brave struggle!So what matters most to you?For consumers, with saloon cars, the first diagram is saloon cars bring comfort, freedom and sense of security!Similarly, the indicators such as chassis configuration, power, function and reliability are also quite important.Yutong C630 premium model, that is, can realize the needs of 6 people living and eating together, in terms of water and electricity and functions, as well as the most important aspects of safety, power, also do the ultimate!Let consumers in the south and north of China when driving, do not affect the travel experience for the shortage of materials and small space!The size of Yutong C630 is 5990x2500x3140mm, with a nuclear load of 6 people. It is based on imported Iveco chassis modification, with FRP sandwich board and XPS insulation board as the body foundation. The rear twin + double expansion design, the maximum carrying weight of the chassis is about 4.5 tons.In terms of power, it is equipped with a 3.0T diesel engine +8AT automatic transmission powertrain, diesel turbo charging mode, maximum power 182PS, rated torque 430N.m, maximum speed 130km/h, 100L fuel tank, the endurance can reach about 800KM.Driving such a fully powered and torque rv travel, again far again dangerous road can easily pass.In addition to its powerful powertrain, as a top-of-the-line saloon car,Before and after the vehicle is equipped with a number of such as disc brakes, traction control system, vacuum drive hydraulic auxiliary brake, ABS, ESP electronic stability system, car body LDWS lane departure warning system, HDC steep drop height limit control system, intelligent early warning, collision warning, cruise control and other auxiliary system with air suspension seat collocation, promote its own security at the same time,Enjoy the perfect trip again and again.Power is strong, the appearance design is also very fashionable domineering!In particular, the car adopts the concept of subduction on the forehead to shape the head, and integrates LED hawk-eye headlights and matrix grille to make the car visually stunning!Under the fashionable and beautiful body design, Yutong C630 is also equipped with a rich and perfect various functional configurations!Import manual awning, external LED night lights, central zone the passenger door, import passenger door, screen window with a lighting type to get on the car lift, electric car step, through type large storage tank, the outer TV bracket, smoked pull kitchen burning gas, liquefied gas storage area, lithium batteries, fresh tank affusion mouth, mouth through type storage tank, reversing radar, reversing image, depending on the camera after driving, rear running light group, left extension mechanism and rear extension mechanism are assembled around the body for travel life.Different from the beautiful and fashionable design outside the car, the style of the car is very luxurious, and thanks to the double expansion organization, the space inside the car is very spacious and bright!In addition, the front cab also reserved a full space for the car corridor, used to form a through-through effect with the interior of the car.In terms of layout, the car uses 6 seats and 6 bedrooms to expand the horizontal bed layout, plus the kitchen and toilet, forming a multi-bed layout of two rooms and one hall in the car!Not only can live 6 people at the same time, eating WC is also easy and casual.In addition to the hardware equipment used for driving, the front cab is also equipped with comfortable soft decoration + high-grade wood grain design, the driver’s chair and vice driver’s chair can be manually rotated, and the seat also has air shock absorption equipment to reduce the fatigue of long-distance driving and increase the comfort of riding.The forehead bed is above the cab, and the bed size is 2100*1500mm, which can sleep 2 people.Bedside with high safety guardrail, play a protective role.Sliding Windows on both sides for daily ventilation and lighting.And there are reading lamps to illuminate the use.In addition, bed bottom with 32 inch Internet LCD TV, enhance the entertainment of life.The reception area is comfortable, bright and functional. It adopts the layout of 4-person multi-booth. There is a lifting table in the middle, which can be joined with the booth to form a double bed for children at rest.Cloth art fabric booth plus comfortable mattress, sit and lie very comfortable.A large window on the left side of the sitting room offers excellent views.And store content respect, sitting room coping and seat lower part all can store content, so as to increase the demand of user.With the living room, there is an imported 152L rv special refrigerator, convenient to take cold drinks, but also for the kitchen to save part of the space.After eliminating refrigerator place occupies a space, kitchen space can present immediately, operating mesa is big, cook more convenient also.Functionally, the kitchen is equipped with 900W induction cooker, clamshell type washing pool, folding faucet, lighting, storage shelf, kitchen storage cabinet, external window, microwave oven and a mobile TV and other complete equipment, to solve the daily eating problems in the harsh environment.The centralized control system of water and electricity is installed on the door on the left side of the kitchen, and the intelligent display system is very convenient to operate.And equipped with circuit protection device to protect electricity safety.The whole car is equipped with 3000W charging inverter integrated machine, 800Ah saloon car special lithium battery, 670W solar cell, 130L net water tank +90L auxiliary water tank, 60L grey water tank and other water and electricity devices.And, in this system, also equipped with a set of fresh air system, effectively kill the virus in the air!The comfort and safety of the car can be adjusted together with the rv special dual-use overhead air conditioning, dual-use overhead variable frequency air conditioning, independent fuel heating and air heating system in the passenger area and other cooling and heating air conditioning systems.The bathroom on the right side of the kitchen is independent and spacious, and is made of blister.Internal installation of electric crushing type toilet, shower shower, towel bar, bathroom mirror curtain, waterproof storage platform, two-way ventilation fan, ventilation window, wash basin, imported drum washing machine and other complete equipment, wash the integration of washing, do not worry about water is scattered to the car living area.The rear expansion area is a horizontal double bed design, bed size is 2200*1500mm, equipped with comfortable mattresses, the window is also equipped with part of the soft bag warm material cladding and atmosphere spotlights, full of design sense, enhance the living atmosphere.The inner walls are equipped with three large sliding Windows that not only provide light and ventilation, but also great views.The top of the bed is equipped with a variety of storage cabinets, which can place a lot of things and save space in the car.Well, the above is the yutong top 6 seat 6 bed C630 premium version of the rv all content, for this model of rv, we have what you want to talk, welcome to leave a message in the comment area.