Love is not the norm of life, not to be understood is the norm of life

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Love and not be normal life, not to be understood is normal life, don’t embarrass yourself with normal.Learn to balance your expectations. Be prepared to be disappointed, but also learn to lower your expectations and put your hopes into solving problems rather than placing them in others.Regret after breaking up, care after not loving, high self-esteem, low IQ kindness, these are the four most useless things in the relationship world.There are seven causes that determine all human action: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion and desire.If a person wants to be mediocre, there are few blockers;If one man wants to stand out, there are many obstacles.Many mediocre people have good relationships with people around them, and many outstanding people have strained relationships with people around them.Never underestimate your ability and never overestimate your willpower.There have been peaks and valleys along the way.There is no need to be proud when you are proud, and there is no need to be depressed when you are frustrated.Before a conversation, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.Good listening is a prerequisite for good conversation.When talking to others, don’t show off, don’t belittle others.The more confident you are about the future, the more patient you are about the present.Do not casually reply “ok”, understand is to understand, do not understand the timely help, everything echo, can do reliable;No matter what class, what people want most is respect.Downwards, more admirable and moving.Don’t regret what you missed.You miss people and things, others have the opportunity to meet, others miss, you have the opportunity to have.Everyone will miss, everyone has missed, really belong to you, will never miss.When a person’s desire is far higher than their own strength, everything naturally becomes a fantasy.Do things well, work hard to earn money, learn to take responsibility, and learn to discard unnecessary burdens.Life is too short to care too much. It’s better to spend the rest of your life in comfort than spend it in chaos.Don’t confide in co-workers about things that don’t work out or aren’t done. It may not be a help, but a hindrance.Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. As long as you don’t cross the line, you are qualified to be forgiven.Forgive the mistakes of others;Be willing to admit when you’re wrong.To want true love means to choose emotion over reason, because love itself is the greatest irrationality.Within the scope of their own ability, like to buy things, cherish the right people, do what you want to do at once, life where there is so much time to make you hesitate, miss the miss, life will not have a second chance.Never doubt the significance of reading, no matter what age we are in, what class, should continue to learn.Cow not cow?It’s not how many people you know, it’s how many people know you in times of trouble.Abandon the vexation brought by human desire, envy brought by comparison, and resentment brought by loss.Dissolve inner irritability with wisdom, maintain spiritual consciousness.Learn sincere praise, praise to be careful, to the point, otherwise it is flattery.Be true to yourself. Don’t try to please others or be someone else.It’s better to be your original self than a copy of anyone else.We have to understand that the earth left who can turn, more you one is not much, less you one is not much, do not think how smart you are important, this is their own narcissism.