A few tips to get rid of anxiety

2022-05-14 0 By

Everyone has anxiety, whether in life or work, or feelings, a lot of people have different degrees of anxiety.I recently saw some tips to get rid of anxiety, and today I share with you: 1. Don’t easily compare yourself with others.As the saying goes, goods than goods to throw, people than people will die.Comparing yourself with others will haunt you day in and day out.So don’t compare yourself with others.If you really want to compare, and the rich than virtue, and less than you, than financial strength.Some people say that this is not ah Q’s spiritual victory method, is self-deception?Yeah, that’s what makes you happy.Otherwise, you will be worried and anxious every day and even don’t want to live.Don’t worry too much about what others think of you.Everyone has his way of life, so don’t pay too much attention to the opinions of people who are not related to you.We accept good advice for ourselves.Laugh at the opinions of people who don’t know anything about you.Don’t feel guilty for taking more rest.When you’re too tired to take a break, you may feel guilty.Actually, you don’t have to.Health is a person’s capital, more rest will not be a big deal.Of course, not the kind of constant rest, which is not rest, but laziness, which is certainly not recommended.Don’t worry about what you have to do tomorrow.Tomorrow will be tomorrow’s way of living, or focus on the present.Don’t trouble yourself for things that have not yet come.Don’t worry about things that haven’t been done.Work on the task at hand, and don’t worry until it’s done.Instead of worrying about it, take the time to think about what’s right in front of you.6. Don’t blame yourself for wasting so much time.Don’t blame yourself for wasting too much time in an industry you’re new to.Everything is from simple to complex and cannot be accomplished overnight.The upfront cost of time and energy, is a must.Don’t always blame yourself for wasting so much time.It’s getting faster and faster.The above methods, look very simple, in fact, when it is really done, is very difficult.It’s all about putting your time and energy into the present moment.This is the best way to get rid of anxiety and get things done.Thank you for your attention, I hope to help you!