It’s no longer the case that “ankles are exposed”. Smart women choose these pants to easily hide their weight and show their height

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Years change, times progress, along with the progress of time and our clothing and aesthetic.The biggest change is from the previous blindly pursuit of external beauty to today’s “temperature and grace coexist” way of dressing.Among them, the biggest change is the treatment of the ankle.There was a time when showing your ankles was all it took to be hip, but now it’s not!Although the ankle-revealing outfit looks good, it is too stiff and rigid, and cannot keep the feet warm. It is not suitable for winter.True hipsters can still look good without showing their ankles.Check out these trouser tips and tips from smart women.>In addition to showing your ankles, you can also wear pants like this:No exposed ankle collocation guide (scheme 1) loose exposed ankle pants + tube socks slightly loose nine points exposed ankle pants design is tight, coupled with a pair of socks and low top shoes can show personality, thin warm, but also do not delay our beauty value!The color of middle tube socks can be consistent with pants, shoes, local accessories, inner match and coat. It can also be in the case of pants and shoes with the same color, with pattern or color to increase the sense of moderate contrast.(Option 2) Loose ankle-revealing pants + slim short boots Middle socks can give loose ankle-revealing pants a sense of layering, but the combination between the ankle-revealing pants and various slender short boots is not bad.The end of pants and boots had better set aside 1-2cm transition layer, boot width can have a drop and pants, shoes thin, how to wear can have a good figure.(Plan 3) Slim ankle pants + ankle boots But don’t forget that in addition to loose design of cigarette tube, straight tube, there are also close-fitting and tight style.If you want to wear them well and keep them warm, you should wear them with a variety of ankle boots. For those with long legs and slim legs, it is recommended to wear them with below-knee boots. Tall people can also challenge the combination of leggings and below-knee boots.Ordinary people opt for regular ankle boots that are 2-4cm above the ankle.It’s important to note that this is the best time to slim down and lengthen your legs by matching ankle boots with tights.Most ankle pants are nine or eight inches long, and cutting them too short can make your proportions worse.There are also certain requirements on the material and shape of ankle pants.Slightly loose pants to use stiff, not easy to deformation of the texture;Slim-fit fabrics should be soft and elastic.At the same time, ankle-revealing pants are not suitable for wide pants.Leg width should not be wider than shoulder width.Different versions of ankle revealing pants have their own characteristics.For example, the cigarette tube pays more attention to the covering of the thigh, and the straight tube pays more attention to the modification of the leg.>In traditional Chinese culture, red is one of the most eye-catching and orthodox colors.Use so beautiful beautiful red to serve as ornament on medium tube sock, bold and fashionable.Nine points of the yoga pants in tube socks to keep warm, fold wear white canvas shoes also have fashionable feeling and stereo feeling, super have their own feel ~ (2) straight pipe boots nine minutes of pants + cultivate one’s morality is the little sister although seemingly low-key smoke tube boots, but cultivate one’s morality and ankle joint human body curve boots tube design, once and the micro loose nine points straight canister collocation are together,Every minute is the benchmark of the fashion industry!Oatmeal color is used for the upper body and black is used for the lower body. It is obviously the simplest black and white, but it is worn out with personality and elegance.[2] Ankle trousers & GT;No ankle matching guide (scheme 1) slim over ankle pants + boots slim over ankle pants are often more difficult to match the pants, but in front of boots are all small case!Light colored boots and jackets are recommended to choose light color;Dark boots and pants stay the same color, which is also very friendly for small girls. (Plan 2) Loose ankle pants + low tip shoes loose ankle pants and a variety of long pointed shoes, such as pointed heels, pointed boots is the best combination!This kind of pants that completely covers ankle is in collocation, want to be committed to increase the lengthening feeling of leg.Keep your shoes the same color as your pants, and opt for pointy, light shoes for short feet, narrow, dark shoes for large feet, and heels for short legs.If your ankle pants are light, or look light and neat, like these solid color suit wide-leg pants, you can always open them in another way.Choose a pair of stiff and loose boots, put the leg into the boot, forming a tightening trend at the ankle position, so wear handsome and personality, gas field minute up to two meters eight trend!>Ankle pants selection Guide Tight ankle pants must be close-fitting and soft style, do not in the root of the thigh, knee and ankle these three positions have the accumulation of fabric and too obvious wrinkles.Loose ankle pants with H type pant leg wide leg type is appropriate, must have a sense of hanging, outline should be obvious, so wear up just have texture at all.>Over ankle pants show thin design recommendation (recommend a) suit wide-leg pants + loose cowboy boots suit wide-leg pants are having natural and advanced drop feeling, cowboy boots stiff leather in the crus can play a proper supporting effect, this combination is really wonderful!The white shirt of superimposed hard and loose hard of suit vest of form a complete set, the appropriate recreational feeling was fused in elegant and delicate, it is good-looking that surmounted gender.(recommend 2) tall waist long wide leg pants + pointed slender with V collar white satin on the collocation of tall waist wide leg pants, it is pure and fresh and simple sense.The black suit and the black stilettos echo each other, simple and delicate.These modest stilettos are also good for smaller women, so they’re still pretty even if they don’t show your ankles.Black show thin, than the leg leg loose 1-2cm boots still super cover meat, not easy to be out of shape contour line still can correct leg model!>>The ankle-exposing way of wearing is outdated and unhealthy, so it is necessary to change the way of wearing pants this year. The ankle-exposing pants or pants should be matched with short naked boots, medium socks and low-top shoes.Pair ankle pants with pointed toes, heels, and even tuck them into the boot for a surprise!