Show you Angela chang’s mansion, buy an island to build a villa, almost no outsiders can disturb

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Angela Chang, I believe everyone is familiar with this name, the song “Invisible Wings” broke through the music list, after a period of silence, the basic will take people unprepared for a good let people praise the good works.No matter in film and television, or in her favorite music, she is very famous. I believe everyone has their own different opinions on her impression.Her family of origin was not particularly good, but she managed to live her life in her own way, is admirable.So, let’s take a look at her home.As everyone in the entertainment industry knows, Angela Chang bought an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to build a villa, where few outsiders can disturb her.Here, she has enough privacy to breathe fresh air.In her work, the intensity of work is very high, under such working conditions, but also must maintain the original intention, is not easy, especially after she has achieved so good results.There are many green plants on the outside of the house to keep the air fresh.In her villa, there is their own swimming pool, for the star, keep a good figure is a must, although she does not rely on the external image to eat, but people always prefer the pursuit of perfection, like a strong act, so excellent will never be wrong.Maintaining a good appearance is also an important thing in her life, so she decorated her own swimming pool at home.Next to the swimming pool, there is a place to rest and recuperate.Judging from her photos, her favorite place is probably her well-decorated sea view recreation area, which appears the most frequently.She lives here bit by bit like basking in the Internet, you can see her love for here, the overall color matching is monotonous enough.The decoration here can meet her pursuit of all things, whether it is to see the sea, or the need for sunshine, all the degree is just right, living in such a house, can improve the happiness of life, but also to meet their own needs for family atmosphere.Photos she posted on social media show that her home is dominated by light colors.In the exterior decoration of their favorite leisure places, can provide their own leisure time to relax their mood, in the house collocation, she chooses the basic focus on the texture of the furniture, not to give a person a kind of inferior ordinary, she has her own characteristics.The location of her villa depends on her house, she can see her favorite scenery in a good place, in her home, every day can accept different scenery.She placed her favorite design in the place where she viewed the scenery. The decoration of glass enlarged the sense of distance of the whole space. In the presentation of visual effects, everything was held in a just right Angle, without the design of procrastination, so on the whole, it gave people a kind of just feeling.In daily life, Angela chang also likes sports and fitness. In the photos she posts on social media, we can see that she is highly self-disciplined in real life. No matter in the interpretation of her works or in the external image she presents to the audience, she has a down-to-earth sense, which is her accumulated achievements over time.The match color in the home is simple ancient wood color, on the collocation of the whole, each has each advantage.Ancient wood color is the color match that often appears in her home, can give a person a kind of calm feeling, there is a kind of warm family atmosphere, in the atmosphere shaping, the more consistent with the family atmosphere color is better.In her life, follow one’s inclinationis her biggest characteristic, a person who can maintain the beginner’s mind, in a sense, she has been the life of the strong.I hope she will be better and better in the future, safe, happy and healthy.