Qilian mountain grassland, herdsmen early in the morning a roar, wolves drag home with mouth gathering, eat full together to sheep

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Can you imagine a wild animal doing what a man tells it to do?In fact, many people can’t believe that if wild animals can follow human’s instructions, then they are no different from pets kept by humans.In fact, this is not the case. Whether it is a wild animal or a domestic pet, what they pursue all their life is nothing but food, so as long as they find a point of interest, wild animals will follow the instructions of people.Today I’m going to share with you a story about the wild wolves following human instructions.Qilian Mountain herdsmen mentioned qilian Mountain, which is one of the main mountain ranges in China. It is located in Qinghai Province. It has a beautiful natural environment.The area covers 2,062 square kilometers and is home to many herders, who herd sheep and live a comfortable life here.But in this area not only herders and cattle and sheep, there are also wolves, they are also mortal enemies.Zhang, as one of the herdsmen of this grassland, has a large number of sheep, and his main job every day is to herd sheep.Because of the threat of wild wolves, Zhang is careful to herd sheep.But then something happened to him that gave him a whole new perspective on wolves.It was a snowy winter morning. Unable to herd the sheep, he decided to take the lamb to the city to exchange money for wine.Traces of the car that Jang was pushing were left on the grassland.However, not long after he had gone, he found a dying Wolf lying in the snow not far away. He was shivering and very thin, and what was more important was that there were many wounds on his body.Apparently, these injuries are the result of a pack fight.According to the past practice, Zhang should ignore it, leave directly, or simply kill it, but Zhang saw the Wolf miserable appearance, it is not the heart.The Wolf raised his head warily when he saw some one coming, but he was so badly wounded that he lost all his fierce pride and was ready to accept his fate.Zhang bent down, wrapped the Wolf in a cloth, put it in the car and took it home.After arriving home, Zhang put the Wolf in a separate wood room, and bandaged the wound for it.The Wolf also seems to understand zhang’s meaning, and there is no threat to its life, so it eased some.Subsequently, Zhang took out yesterday to eat the rest of the meat, to feed the wolves.The Wolf alert smell smell, looked at Zhang mou, then eat up.This meal was perhaps the most full he had ever eaten.In this way, the Wolf in zhang’s wood room to recover.In the blink of an eye, three months passed, the body of the Wolf gradually recovered, and with Zhang is also very familiar.However, wild animals cannot be kept at home for a long time, otherwise they cannot adapt to the life in nature.So after the Wolf wound healed, Zhang will take it to the place where it is adopted, here is not the winter, spring, it is very warm season.The Wolf saw Zhang for a long time, clear benefactor’s meaning, and then ran toward the depths of the grassland.The day passed quickly. Half a year passed in a twinkling of an eye, and late autumn came.One day, Zhang went to graze as usual, and when he was driving the sheep back, he found some dark spots moving in the distance.As he was familiar with the grassland, he immediately responded that it was the Wolf.Zhang is very nervous, but helpless, can only calmly deal with.As the wolves walked in, he looked through his telescope and saw one of them. He looked familiar.Isn’t that the same Wolf he saved?I saw the Wolf behind, also holding five or six wolves, it seems that the Wolf should be the Wolf king.As before, Zhang shouted the name of the wild Wolf, which is what Zhang often called when it was recovering.Miracle appeared, I saw the original attack sheep wolves, began to stand up, not the slightest attack action.This makes Zhang is very happy, so, Zhang took the sheep safely back home.After getting home, Zhang took out a lot of meat, and then rode to the wolves, a hundred meters away from the wolves, threw the meat on the ground, and turned back.The Wolf caught up with him and began to feast.Peaceful coexistence is like this, every time Zhang wants to herd sheep, will roar toward the depths of the grassland, and then the Wolf pack portable home with mouth to run out, Zhang will carry the meat scattered in front of the Wolf, Wolf after eating, followed Zhang together herd sheep.This seems to be the best case of wolves and herders getting along.This is the end of the story. As fierce wolves, many people imagine that they will attack sheep, will not listen to people’s instructions, and even backtrack.In fact, the thought of animals is not very complicated. As long as people can solve the problem of food and clothing and find a balance point of interests, they can still be commanded.It is because of the food that the Wolf will follow the instructions of man.Editor’s note: this article is a story based on a real event. the pictures and information are all from the Internet.If there is infringement, please remind to delete.For more exciting content updates, please follow me.