Miniature photographic equipment used by spies in the middle of the last century

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In the 20th century, when satellites were not flying in space and needed to obtain information, scientists and technicians developed sophisticated spy equipment.Sure, they’re out of date, but it’s still fun to watch.Early films such as James Bond, The Umbrella Assassin, and The Tall Blonde in Black Shoes were unaware of the technology these heroes possessed.This is real, not fake.Maybe someone did.Here, I recommend an encyclopedia of spy equipment produced by DK, which details all kinds of weird equipment used by spies at that time.Lucky Strike Camera Lucky Strike Camera It was developed for the Us Signal Corps between 1949 and 1950, but did not go into mass production.Only two copies were made — they are now at the Communication Soldiers Museum in New Jersey.A “cigarette” drawn from the package is used as a camera control button.The camera is slightly smaller than a real Lucky Strike bag, so it fits perfectly in a box.On the left is a light meter disguised as an Ohio match bag.The ABC camera, made in 1948 by The German company Steineck, was a popular tool for private detectives in the 1950s.But it is not clear whether the scouts used watches equipped with 12.5mm lenses.This book (paperback) was one of the first hidden cameras.ABC Watch Camera ABC Watch Camera MADE in 1948 by Steineck In Germany the ABC watch was a popular tool for private detectives in the 1950s, but it is unclear whether watches with 12.5mm lenses were used by scouts.Paperback Book Camera Paperback book Camera This book (paperback) was one of the first hidden cameras.It was created by Dr. Rudolf Krugner in 1888.A cautious opponent might even suspect that there is a lens at the root of the book…GF81 Camera GF81 Camera designer Giampaolo Filo made only 20 GF81 cameras, and they are the “miracle cameras”.These are among the smallest cameras in history.Telescope Camera Telescope Camera Imagine that you are secretly taking someone’s picture, instead of just looking at them from afar.This nature photo camera was created in 1896 and patented in The UK and France.Minox Cameras Latvia’s Minox cameras aren’t disguised as anything, but because of their size, they can be easily hidden in the palm of the hand.Both the CIA (from World War II until the 1970s) and the KGB (until the 1990s) used it.The Minox was built between 1948 and 1969 and is 82 mm tall.Expo Camera The New York Police Expo camera (sold between 1911 and 1924) is also not disguised as anything else, but because it is the size of a matchbox, it is suitable for surveillance.Camera Gun Camera Gun Obviously, there is no better way to avoid attracting attention than using a camera that masquerades as a gun.The Japanese camera gun Doryu 2-16 was produced between 1954 and 1956.Pocket camera German manufacturer CP Steen, (used by Mr Bond) camera hidden in jacket pocket, it is a camera device fixed to clothes, has become a favourite plot of boulevard and spy novels.Pocket Watch Camera Pocket Watch Camera What time is it?Maybe it’s time to sneak some snaps with a Ticka camera.Manufactured by Houghton of London between 1905 and 1914.Gun type camera Gun type camera Gun type Japanese camera.Mamia’s gun can take portraits of people from 10 paces away.It has been in production since 1954.Only 250 for the police.# # spy