In order to keep chastity, women take actions such as jumping into cars and rivers to resist sexual assault by men

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“Past SINS, persistent;Duan Junmin (pseudonym) was 33 when he was released from prison.He was sentenced to 16 years in prison for rape and theft.Deprived of political rights for five years.So he was young when he sinned.Sometimes, do not come to an end, do not go through this life.You can’t say you’re going to make it.Duan junmin persisted for 15 years, but finally he couldn’t hold back.People can live for decades, even centuries, without committing crimes.So time is not a problem, the most important thing is still their desire.Once, Duan Junmin sent the victim, Surnamed Liu (female, 42 years old at the time of the crime) home.Change the driving route without authorization, using verbal threats and violence on the way to drag means.He tried to have sex with Yoo by force.Yoo, however, strongly resisted by jumping from a car or river.To protect themselves.After jumping into the river, Duan Junmin pulled up with wires.After putting on Duan Junmin’s clothes, Liu lied that he promised Duan Junmin’s requirements.Tell him to take him home.When he was near a gas station, he called his family for help.Duan Junmin found after verbal threats.Yoo jumped into the gas station and called the police.In the end, although Yoo was injured, Duan junmin did not commit adultery.After the identification, liu mou body damage degree for minor injuries.Missing a boat: the court held after hearing.Duan Junmin wanted to forcibly have sex with a woman against her will.Subjective aggression intention is strong, has started to commit a crime.But it failed for extrinsic reasons.It’s an attempted rape. It’s a lighter sentence than an attempted rape.However, if he has a criminal record, he shall be given a heavier punishment as appropriate.Take into account other sentencing circumstances.Sentenced to two years and ten months in prison.For more of our best stories, follow us here