Spring Festival guard 168 hours!Hanzhong traffic police a brigade handed in a safe answer sheet

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During the Spring Festival of 2022, a brigade of Hanzhong Traffic Police made careful plans, made thorough arrangements and carried out strict implementation. All the auxiliary police had the courage to take on their responsibilities and fulfilled their duties. They successfully completed various traffic management tasks, carried out unified night inspections for 7 times and investigated and dealt with 133 traffic violations, including 8 cases of drunk driving.There were no serious road traffic accidents, no fatalities, no long distance traffic jams, and the road traffic safety situation was stable and orderly.Plan carefully and prepare actively.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the first brigade organized a working meeting attended by all middle-level leaders, conveyed the spirit of the national, provincial and municipal work safety meeting and the Public Security Ministry’s Meeting on building party conduct and clean government, studied the “six regulations” of the Public Security Ministry, and organized all the auxiliary police to sign a letter of commitment.Work discipline, standard law enforcement, team management, activity security and other work during the festival has been stressed deployment, detailed work measures, clear work discipline, strengthen organizational leadership, to ensure the implementation of all work measures during the festival.Second, it forwarded the Work Arrangement on Correcting the “Four Winds” and Establishing a New Wind during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival in 2022 issued by the Discipline inspection and Supervision Group of the Municipal Bureau. It conscientiously carried out the education of Party conduct and clean government, strictly implemented various police orders and regulations, stuck to the bottom line and did not cross the red line, and resolutely put an end to the violation of laws and disciplines of party members and police officers.Three is made on the 2022 Spring Festival of road traffic safety management during the period of notice, epidemic prevention and control, road traffic stop, emergency ChuTu, information submitted work such as the specific emphasis arrangement, strictly implement the brigade leader bag piece, squadron leader envelope and buns police work responsibility system, to ensure that during the festival each work orderly.Pay close attention to the source, detect hidden dangers.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the brigade actively invited the district emergency management Bureau, the district Transportation Bureau and other members of the Traffic safety Committee to carry out a joint inspection and rectification before the festival, checking 12 key transportation enterprises of “two passengers and one danger”, urging enterprises to strengthen driver education management and implement the main responsibility of safety management.The squadrons on duty also conducted inspections on driver safety training, vehicle insurance and inspection by means of discussion, data inspection and monitoring, and issued eight notices of traffic violations, actively creating a good road environment for people to travel during the Spring Festival.The brigade also organized the accident squadron to carry out a comprehensive survey of key personnel involved in the case in advance, and did a good job of settling and returning the targets of the visit, eliminating unstable factors, resolving some conflicts and disputes in a timely manner, and ensuring a stable and safe road environment under the brigade’s control during the festival.Stress key points, high pressure and strict control.First, focus on key areas to strengthen control.The urban squadron strengthened the management and dredging of key sections and intersections such as Xinghan Road, Dongdajie, Beidajie and Freight Chang Road, and strengthened the dredging and blocking work around sites such as Riverbed erosion scenic spots of The Han River, Lotus Pond Park, Guhantai, Baijiang Altar, Qiaobei Square, Xinghan New Area and high-speed railway station to ensure safe and orderly road traffic.The suburban squadron strengthened the traffic order management of 108 national Road, Puzhen, Wuxiang and other market towns and roads around the county and township, Xinghan New Area, Tiantai Mountain and other important scenic spots, and strengthened the investigation and handling of illegal parking, stalls and road holding operations affecting traffic safety.Second, to highlight the key illegal acts of precision strike.In urban areas, the key to strictly investigate pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycles disorderly wear disorderly line, grab the light to cross the line, passenger vehicles overspeed, fatigue driving, illegal parking up and down passengers, not according to the provisions of the safety belt, illegal parking, random turn prominent illegal behavior.On national roads and county and township roads, focusing on passenger vehicles, freight vehicles, vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals, and rural minivans, we will strictly investigate illegal acts such as driving without a license, driving under the influence of alcohol, overspeeding, and carrying people against regulations, which may easily lead to traffic accidents. We will create a situation of high pressure and strict control to ensure the stability of road traffic safety.Third, we will ensure security for mass cultural events.In strict accordance with the work deployment requirements of the superior departments, the brigade reasonably arranged police forces and detailed work measures, and successfully completed the traffic safety guarantee task of the “Han Feng Year · Hometown Pass 2022” cultural activities, which were praised by the superior leaders and the people.Public opinion opens the way and creates an atmosphere.One is to send text messages to the target group.The brigade strengthened the “point-to-point” safety tips, compiled six safety warning messages such as driving safety in winter, road sections with hidden dangers and traffic illegal warning exposure, and pushed them to more than 1,000 drivers of “two passengers and one danger” vehicles under the jurisdiction, effectively enhancing drivers’ awareness of safe driving and civilized driving.Second, the wechat platform of the brigade was used as the carrier to promote “two announcements and one hint” around the holiday in advance.Earnest anticipation holidays districts road traffic characteristics, through the related media publish to the society during the festival the traffic flow forecasting and shunt detour plan, released dangerous road sections and accident black point, prompt traffic safety matters during the festival, guide the traffic participants to choose reasonable time and reasonable travel route and reasonable way, to avoid congestion.Third, strengthen the cooperation between police and media, timely publicize the situation of traffic illegal rectification carried out by the brigade during the festival through the media, collect information on road conditions and accident hotspots, and strengthen information notification and prompt.Dig out 4 typical deeds of the front-line civilian auxiliary police to ensure safety and smooth traffic and serve the masses, and timely push them to the media and the Internet to promote and spread positive energy.Humane law enforcement, warm service.The auxiliary police on duty of the brigade strictly abide by the prohibitions and regulations, strengthen the awareness of service, change the work style, pay attention to the way and method, and take the measures of “emphasis on education and light punishment” and “registration before treatment” to the minor traffic violations of vehicles coming to Han, improve the work efficiency and facilitate the people to travel.Based on the traffic post, duty station, mobile law enforcement station, actively provide travel, catering, scenic spots and other aspects of traffic information consulting.During the festival, the brigade also strengthened the supervision assessment, team members have ZhaQin examination 10 times on the road, the inspection instruction on duty squadron 10 times Spring Festival transportation safety management work, mainly on high-speed, sales, main street, xing han scene around the scenic area and 108 national road intersection, are green road traffic management in the supervision inspection, to ensure that important crossing roads not leaking pipe, not out of control,Through supervision to consolidate work responsibilities, through assessment to find deficiencies, targeted omissions to fill gaps, and strive to create a safe, smooth and orderly road environment for people to travel during the Spring Festival.Rapid response and enhanced traffic control in severe weather.Receives han area meteorological observatory meteorological disaster warning signal, according to han area government work instructions, brigade, attaches great importance to jump-start the weather traffic management plan, to do a good job in low temperature sleet road traffic security of frozen sections prone to collision, congestion, etc, to strengthen the control, eliminate the traffic safety hidden trouble.On duty, deputy district chief Wang Jin comprehensive examination districts, 316 national road, 108 national road, wu township, hanwang town, xu hope town, town and along the river such as freezing section, requests each duty squadron strengthen patrol control, during the check are green forest park scenic area road snow icing condition and traffic control measures to carry out the situation, to ensure a smooth flow of traffic area in order.Each duty squadron on spot checks and pavement patrol the way of combining squadron shift leader governs incorruptibly, police root all street, intensify the road patrol control, especially for the villages and towns snow icy road is seen to strengthen patrol control, set up temporary duty police ZhiQinDian, prompt drivers slow down and beware of traffic accidents.Author: Yang Youyou Editor: Wang Chenwei Editor: Zheng Libo Editor: Yao Qiming