Proud!Shishou girl Guan Chenchen as the Olympic Torch bearer

2022-05-11 0 By

At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, Guan Chenchen, a 17-year-old national gymnast, won the balance beam with her trademark “kangaroo shake” that went viral on the Internet.Guan Chenchen is the second torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay in yanqing World Grape Expo Park on February 3.She said she felt very happy and honored to be a torchbearer, and that the torch in her hands was very heavy. She wished Chinese athletes better performance in the games, showing their style and level.Hosting the Winter Olympics at home has made Beijing a “double Olympic city”, she said, which reflects the strength of the motherland.On December 26, 2021, Guan became the “Ambassador of Ice and snow Sports promotion” to help the Beijing Winter Olympics and the development of ice and snow sports in China.Among the many winter Olympic sports, Guan chenchen likes figure skating, short track speed skating and aerials most.’As a torchbearer, I feel like I’m part of the Games,’ she said. ‘That feeling of participation makes me excited.’Guan, a gold medalist in women’s balance beam gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics, won the China Youth May 4th Medal and the National May 1st Labor Medal in 2021.(Comprehensive: Guangming Daily, Beijing Daily client)