Mother and son separated for 63 years, finally reunited before the Lantern Festival!

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‘More than sixty years!Son!You’ve come home at last!”On the afternoon of February 14, 2022, at the scene of the wedding ceremony held by Jingkou Branch of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau, Fan’s mother, who was still young, held Chen Lin (pseudonym) in her arms. Sixty-three years of suffering and waiting turned into hot tears at this moment.This moment, flesh and blood separated sixty-three years of family, finally reunited!Chen Lin, 66, sat beside his mother, his eyes reddening, holding her hand and talking to her.This tender picture has appeared countless times in the mother and son’s dream, and until now, they have truly realized the dream.A few days ago, in Handan fuxing, Zhenjiang Jingkou under the joint efforts of the police, spanning sixty-three years of separation finally at this moment to reunite……Sixty-three years of searching and waiting, who am I!Back in 1959, he was moved to Handan, Hebei province after being separated from his family at the age of 2 due to natural disasters in parts of the lower Reaches of the Yangtze River.A few years later, he followed his adoptive parents to live in Shijiazhuang.As an adult, Chen Lin’s adoptive parents told him that he was actually adopted by them.In the years since, Chen has been trying to figure out “who I am, where I came from, who my biological parents are, how they are living now…”Then, Chen Lin began his way of looking for relatives……Chen Lin has passed and turned shijiazhuang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Taizhou, Nanjing, Yixing and other many places to attend the conference of seeking relatives, but as a result of condition place limit at that time, and valuable clue is very few, long search road, Chen Lin found white hair from black hair, found old age from youth, but his biological parents have been silent however.Even so, Chen Lin still believes that one day he will find his biological parents.Sixty-three years of two-way travel, and here we go!Due to his limited ability, Chen turned to the Fuxing District branch of handan Public Security Bureau for help and explained his situation.After receiving Chen Lin’s request for help, the police searched for the original files in welfare homes and archives and visited relevant staff to try to find clues.Due to time is too long, and the file is relatively, police found no clues, but police did not give up, have held symposium research deployment, solid to carry out the basic information, missing information collection, such as DNA data than work, even if only a trace of suspected, also made a special trip to the local police checks.A breakthrough came in 2021, when the Ministry of Public Security launched a nationwide “Reunion” campaign to collect free blood samples to help families reunite. Hoping that just one more try might be a hope, fuxing police immediately contacted Chen and took a sample of his blood.Never forget, there will be echoes, in January 2022, with the technical support of handan City Public Security Bureau, police finally found his blood sample in the blood bank and Zhenjiang Sun Zhiqiang (pseudonym) blood highly similar!In line with the principle that “one day earlier, separated families can be reunited one day earlier”, Fuxing Police actively cooperated with the Public Security Bureau of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, to set up a special inspection team to investigate Chen Lin’s situation.After confirming that Chen Lin was Fan’s mother’s son, the police immediately told the waiting parties the good news, and they all said they wanted to see each other immediately.Chen decided to go to Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, to reunite with his mother, who is 94 years old.Sixty-three years of this journey home!On February 13, accompanied by fuxing police, Chen took a high-speed train home to Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, to meet his family.This evening, Chen Lin can not sleep for a long time……”More than sixty years!Son!You’ve come home at last!”On February 14, Chen Lin was in a trance and lost consciousness when he saw his mother at the ceremony.After a lapse of 63 years, Chen Lin staggered to his mother and hugged her tightly. The family hugged each other and cried.Asked about his plans for the future, Chen told police, “It will be so happy for the whole family to get together during the Lantern Festival.”He never thought he would see his biological mother again, more than 60 years later.”Let’s take a picture of the family together.”Under the proposal of the police, sixty-three years later, the family finally had the first “family photo”.At the ceremony, the family said that in the future, they will enjoy the time together.63 years, in the long river of history, although it is a moment of time, but for Mother Fan’s family it is 63 years of heartbreaking and bitter lovesickness.But advances in technology have finally turned a corner in the long, arduous process of finding a child, with new criminal science and technology providing significant help.Day after day haunt, year after year hard pursuit, a journey of mountains and rivers.Is the family do not give up, is the unremitting efforts of the police, so that one look forward to and watch ushered in a dream moment;Bless each family reunion after a long separation, the rest of my life, together no longer lost fate.Source: Fuxing Public Security Bureau editor: Zhang Weina, Geli Fei Review: Zhang Jianlin Supervisor: Jia Yonghua, Yang Jianglong