Liaocheng Guan County 17th Pear Garden Culture and Sightseeing Week adjusted to online

2022-05-11 0 By

The public network, poster journalists Zheng Yubing Liaocheng reported recently, the public network, poster journalists from guan culture and tourism and guan LAN wo township people’s government learned that the current epidemic situation grim and complex, to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control policies, reduce the risk of personnel gathered, to safeguard the people’s life safety and body health,The 17th Pear Garden Culture and Tourism Week in Guanxian county will stop offline activities. The general public and tourists can view the pear blossom scenery online through official official accounts such as “Guanxian”, “Guanxian Rongmedia”, “Guanxian Wenlv” and “Meilanwo”.To this end, Guanxian Culture and Tourism Bureau and Guanxian Lanwo Township People’s Government jointly issued a warm reminder, the specific contents are as follows: 1. Offline viewing activities of the pear Garden are cancelled, please understand and support the general public and tourists friends and pass on to each other.Second, the general public should consciously abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, do not go out unless necessary, and reduce movement and gathering.3. The First Pear Garden of China will stop its offline business in accordance with relevant regulations, and the scenic area will be closed or controlled. Please avoid going there and pay attention to detour.The establishment of private stalls shall be strictly prohibited, and those who set up stalls illegally, refuse to listen to dissuasion or disturb social order shall be dealt with firmly in accordance with the law.