In the performance ranking of flagship phones in January, the top three phones all scored more than one million points, while the fifth was more popular

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How to choose a mobile phone #5000+ price # Hello, I’m March.As The year 2022 comes to a close in January, there have been some comparisons between the new phones released in January, with the performance of the phones certainly getting the most attention.The latest January Android flagship phone performance rankings have been released, the list of phones we are not unfamiliar with, today with you to see.It can also be seen from the list that flagship phones equipped with Snapdragon 8 processor are in the top few, which is actually expected, after all, when the new generation of Snapdragon 8 flagship phones was released, the ratings reached millions, which is also surprising to everyone.Therefore, in terms of performance ranking, snapdragon 8Gen1 flagship phone is definitely stronger. Although it is said that snapdragon 8Gen1 can achieve a running score of more than one million, it can be seen from the list that there are only three mobile phones with a running score of one million, so the running score is not stable, and the manufacturer’s optimization is also very important.Especially at this stage of mobile phone development, performance is not the only factor to look at a mobile phone, appearance, camera, battery life and other configurations are all crucial.However, although performance is less and less, it is still the first factor for most people to choose mobile phones, which is also the main reason why flagship phones are called flagship phones.So in these mobile phones which are more worth starting with some, is more ranked, or comprehensive strength is more important.IQOO9 Pro ranked first. IQOO mobile phone has been close to game phone in recent years, so it is strong in screen, battery life and performance.Especially in terms of performance, it is always at the top of the list. Taking Snapdragon 888 Plus, there is one black Shark and one Red Demon among the three phones listed. Besides, iQOO8 Pro also shows the strong performance of the whole iQOO series.The iQOO9 Pro is a good phone in general, with a similar appearance to the Mi 11 Ultra. Although it does not have its own design sense, there is no denying its absolute advantage in performance.The OnePlus 10 Pro is the first one in a million running points, and I believe it will occasionally hit a million running points. This phone has also changed a lot this year, and the design of the appearance is really refreshing and recognizable.Onplus has always featured on the screen advantages, top 2K microcurved screen, support LTPO2.0 adaptive refresh rate, effectively reduce the screen power consumption, improve battery life.The camera has a Hasselblad Image 2.0 extension triple camera and a 5000 mah battery with a super fast charge of 80W. The improvement is still obvious, but the only drawback may be the price is a bit too high.In terms of sales alone, the Mi 12 Pro is the big winner among these phones, selling more than the other models and, which is also recognized by users.Therefore, high performance is not necessarily the best, but comprehensive strength is more important. Mi 12 Pro is highly praised for its appearance design and workmanship, which is also the most successful one since Xiaomi released its flagship phone.Meanwhile, the Mi 12 Pro also supports only dynamic refresh rate on the screen, and the ultra-fast shooting on the camera is well received by mobile photography enthusiasts.Who can’t love the 120W super fast charger, the price is also extremely user-friendly.Therefore, the sales volume is the most obvious portrayal of whether a mobile phone is worth buying, of course, performance is also very important, I think to buy a mobile phone is not the most expensive is the best, the strongest performance will be suitable for yourself, only rely on their own needs to buy a more suitable hand is the best.