In Baoshan Yuepu, experience the spiritual enjoyment brought by “caravan” and “small gong and drum”

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Since 2021, in baoshan district of new era to the central, city, district civilized practice new requirements, new methods, focusing on practice of the new era of civilization “for flags, gathered popularity, people, culture, exhibition image” of the mission, held civilization practice caravan “five into action,” open “small gongs” new era civilization practice public class,We will launch the public welfare support plan for the practice of civilization in the new era, continuously improve the theoretical communication force, practice vitality, resource integration force, cultural service force and civilization leading force, and steadily fulfill the connotation of the work of “Practice of civilization in the New Era in Yuepu”.Photo: The staff propagandizes the knowledge of garbage classification to the public.Yuepu Town For tu civilized caravan: a collision between civilization leading and serving the people makes civilization leading and serving the people “moving”.On December 3 last year, yuepu town’s first civilization practice theme car – civilization practice caravan started in yuepu town community Party mass service center.After the departure ceremony, the “Civilized caravan” carried out 14 “five progress” activities into communities, villages, parks, units and squares. Through the way of education and entertainment, the service content was “six delivery” of theoretical policies, laws and regulations, changing customs and customs, interactive experience, free health diagnosis and convenient services.To the public propaganda socialist core values, civilized traffic, integrity-based, civilized pet raising, garbage sorting, advocating public chopsticks and spoons and other civilized new wind.Do smart and changeable “transformers”.Aunt Sun, who lives in Leye Village, heard of the caravan experience activities in Golden Joy Square, and came to explore the multi-space, multi-level and strong interaction of the “Transformers”.The LED screen continuously plays themed micro videos and promotional videos such as “Food · Light”, “Moonlight Red Road”, “Moonlight Red Flow”, “Red Moving Moonlight”, “Reasons for Loving Moonlight”, providing visualized and visualized learning materials for the masses.Body with deformable, scalable, and can lift hardware features and advantages, convenient operation, train facade and vehicle-mounted LED can be flexible invocation, a party platform from body stretched connected outside, into the mobile stage and open car two big functions space, people read in the “audio-visual” interactive traditional culture, understanding learning content.The 14 caravan “Five Advance” activities set up special booths, and each booth was guided by volunteers to carry out civilization practice mini-games. Citizens were influenced by civilization practice while playing games, and the young gentleman led big partners to join in.At the beginning of December, the “Little Luogu” medical and health volunteers delivered services to the Party and Mass Center;On the day of laba Festival, calligraphy volunteers of “Little gong and Drum” came to jinyue Music Square to write Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu”.”Civilized caravan” into leye two village, on pu eight village, on pu ten village, 398 science and technology innovation.Cultural Industrial Park, Yueshe Village, Qian Pan Village, Juyuanqiao Village, Party-mass service Center, Baoyue Shangyuan, Qing ‘an Second Village, Jinyue Music Square, Shengqiao Green Space, Sunshine Jinyuan and other civilized practice sites, attracted more than 4000 people to participate.On the eve of the Spring Festival, little gongs and drums will open a new service season.Photo: Teenagers are making environmental handmade works.”Fallen branches, petals and leaves in the park, disposable chopsticks used by people…Can these soon-to-be-discarded items be used for a new purpose?Old photo frame is also a good treasure, do not throw away when waste oh, a little decoration can DIY a creative nostalgic plant photo frame!”Sun Nannan, a handwork public welfare teacher, is sharing her tips on “bringing nature home” with young gentlemen in the community.On the afternoon of January 18, sponsored by the town Party Committee, the town new era civilization practice branch center undertook the “little gong and drum” new era civilization practice public welfare class first into the month pu five village, the development of “plant frame hanging ornaments” made old hand course.Twenty children in the community signed up through the “Community Pass” platform, and spread the concept of sustainable development in the community through the form of environmentally friendly handcraft class. They used natural materials and made them creatively, and improved their handcraft skills and creative ability through popular science.”This is new, never tried before!”The scene of the children is not excitement, in the “small gongs” public class knows, the production method is very simple actually, coated with glue in the old photo frame, set aside in the middle of the patterns of text, and then dried seaweed or dried flower stick on it, a beautiful picture frame is finished, and activities can make one unique environmental manual work.It is understood that in pu town “small gongs” public class consists of popular science “small gong”, red “small gongs,” universal “small gongs” three kinds of section 312 of public courses, divided into “miracle world”, “red bag” energy, “growth capsule” three major themes, covers the history of the party, popular science, helps young and helpage, psychology, education, style, law eight plates,Let ordinary people strengthen theoretical learning, enhance practical ability, enhance the brand influence of yuepu town’s new era of civilized practice.Picture: “Dezegu Township” new era civilization practice public welfare support plan public welfare bidding.In early November 2021, Yuepu Town launched the public bidding for “Dezegu Township” new era civilization practice public welfare support plan, and a total of 42 projects from 30 social organizations and enterprises in the city applied for and participated in the evaluation.Waves after preliminary examination, review, final, Shanghai social work service in the environmental protection in pu in heart, pu altogether to create “green month, Shanghai interest, culture communication co., LTD.” [made] old let old resurgent “, Shanghai baoshan district pride youth emergency rescue service center “learning drowning prevention, beautify their homes river” and so on five projects.In late January, the first renovation and emergency safety experience program will also be carried out in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements.This year, Yuepu town will actively explore public welfare empowerment of the new era of civilization practice volunteer service to the village, through professional forces, volunteers and various resources to help rural revitalization, social governance of spiritual civilization construction public welfare projects.Relying on the regional party alliance, town, village to revitalize the corps, and all kinds of external resources, hand in hand with the compassion enterprise or business unit, a country phone public class, rural public goods, rural system, and many other forms of public interest action, let the public welfare strength through rich forms of rural public participation in addition to the theme of rural revitalization, actively dedicated local custom civilization practice the first line.Xinmin Evening News reporter Guo Jianfeng