Deng Chao has congratulated China on qualifying for the 2022 World Cup

2022-05-11 0 By

On Feb 12, Deng Chao congratulated the Chinese national team on its promotion to the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup on social media. He accompanied the text “Congratulations to the Chinese Women’s Football Team” with a bunch of flowers.In the early days, after the Chinese women’s football team beat Japan in international matches, Deng chao expressed his excitement on the social networking platform: “I intend to join the Chinese women’s football team.”But later “encountered” the women’s football team rejected, first Feng Li Mengze said: “who do you want to replace, first people’s names come up.”Wei Han Xu is also joking that “you add words, not only reduce the height but also pull up the average age for”, the scene is funny comparable to group crosstalk.