Communication: The Construction of the Fangjuni Bridge in Senegal by a Chinese enterprise has made the local “river crossing difficulty” a thing of the past

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Dakar, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) –Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Zizheng “The bridge we have been waiting for for a long time has finally opened!”For Diop, a resident of Fangjoni, Senegal, the highlight of the New Year was the official opening of the Fangjoni Bridge.After more than three years of intensive construction, the Fangjoni Bridge in Senegal has officially opened.The project is one of the major priority projects of the Senegal Revitalization Plan, and is also a concrete manifestation of China’s active implementation of the ten cooperation plans between China and Africa.The Fangyuni Bridge is located in The city of Fangyuni, Fangyuni Province, Fatik Region, Senegal, and crosses the Salloum River.Before the bridge was built, people would have to cross the river in canoes, and cars would have to wait at least an hour to get onto a small mixed boat, making the movement of people and goods extremely difficult.”Before the bridge opened, it was not convenient for us to cross the river, and the completion of the bridge has greatly shortened the commuting time.”Diop told reporters.”It used to take an hour to an hour and a half to cross the river by ferry. Now you can cross the bridge in a few minutes,” said Ndiaye.The bridge has really brought convenience and saved us a lot of time.”Chen Xuren, manager of Fangjioni Bridge Project department of Wuhan Railway Engineering Group Co., LTD., introduced that the salum River bed geology is complicated, and there are many technical problems in the construction of deep foundation pit of bridge piers.In addition, the bridge is located in a high-temperature area, and the temperature during daytime construction is often above 45 degrees Celsius.In the face of various difficulties, The Chinese staff have risen to the challenge and solved one problem after another.With the opening of the bridge, “crossing the river” has become a thing of the past for local residents.As the longest bridge in Senegal, the Fangjuni Bridge becomes one of the main roads connecting the north and south of Senegal and an important transportation node to neighboring countries.Ndiaye said the bridge is not only of great significance to Senegal, but also a perfect illustration of China-Africa friendship and cooperation.