5G leading, sail the future | 5G+ intelligent manufacturing, set off a revolution in the clothing industry

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In 1785, Watt’s modified steam engine was first used in the cotton textile industry, ushering in the industrial Revolution.In the 21st century, the emergence of new technologies represented by the mobile Internet has brought about the fourth industrial transformation, while the textile and garment industry at this time has once again become an important carrier of digital transformation.Founded in 1957, Hongdou Group vigorously promotes the construction of “smart Hongdou”, lays out 5G+ industrial Internet, and builds Hongdou 5G fully connected factory, Hongdou 5G intelligent flexible shirt factory, General Steel Industry 4.0 factory and semi-steel vulcanized black lamp factory.Through technological innovation, marketing innovation, model innovation and other system innovation, constantly promote the evolution and upgrading of high-quality development of the group.Reporters recently visited the Red bean Group, seeking 5G era under the traditional textile industry plus “number” transformation.Xi Feng, general manager of Hongdou Industrial Interconnection Company, said that Hongdou Group has been committed to brand building and in-depth implementation of innovation-driven strategy.In 2017, hongdou Industrial Internet Company was established to explore intelligent solutions for the whole garment industry from low-end to high-end, and to create a domestic textile and garment industry Internet platform — “Intelligent Hongdou”.From a full range of smart design, smart supply, smart production, smart logistics, to smart stores, the textile and apparel industry Internet platform, and China Unicom to jointly create 5G+ textile and apparel industry Internet smart factory.The two sides will jointly build a benchmark of 5G garment industry, empower the textile and garment industry, further promote the digital transformation of the textile industry and explore a digital transformation and development road with red bean characteristics for fully connected R&D, design and production equipment and flexible intelligent manufacturing system.Get through either digital system Achieve full digital XiFuChang factory director Pan Jiaxiang introduction, red bean shares through 5 g connection, created from the design to manufacturing to marketing the whole channel, improve the design efficiency, optimize the production side, and update the sales end data, is conducive to the whole manufacturing flexibility.By connecting 5G to the entire production system, it is like the human brain using digital nerves to form the intelligence of our decisions.In addition, the application of China Unicom’s 5G technology is also reflected in the daily decision-making and management of Hongdou.With the help of Unicom’s 5G technology, the per-capita production efficiency of Hongdou has increased by 20 percent, product inventory has been reduced by 40 percent, and customer interaction cycles have been shortened by 30 percent.Through the digital screen on each station, we can quickly learn the work content of each post, including process, technology, quantity, working hours, wages and attendance, which not only facilitates the employees, but also facilitates the managers to coordinate, deploy and teach a lot of work, and expands the management radius.At the same time, managers can timely understand the overall situation of production capacity and production scheduling through the large screen of team and production line, and have a better grasp of the processing of front-end orders, which greatly improves the decision-making efficiency.Chen Miao, deputy general manager of Wuxi Unicom, said that 5G network has the advantages of low delay, large bandwidth, wide connection and so on. This time, China Unicom and Hongdou Group jointly build 5G intelligent flexible factory in the garment industry. Through the construction of 5G private network, 5G +MEC cloud-side collaboration capacity is constructed:One is to enable Hongdou Group to keep internal data within the park and ensure data security, reliability and efficiency;Second, through the accumulation of massive industrial big data resources and data mining and analysis, the production process is improved, the whole process of product life cycle is controlled, and the production process management is visualized and real-time through large screen display to improve management efficiency.The third is to achieve innovation in the management mode, greatly improve the supply chain management and control ability and enterprise intelligence level, enabling intelligent manufacturing, to achieve the goal of reducing cost, increasing efficiency and improving quality.Through the establishment of 5G benchmark cases, China Unicom and Hongdou Group have enabled garment manufacturers and consumers to meet point-to-point demands, creating new models and new scenes for the garment industry. In the future, they will continue to take “5G+ Industrial Internet” as the core, promote 5G applications to sail far, and help China’s garment industry to grow bigger and stronger.Ed: T01