“Teacher, I have learned what you say”, primary school students accept advanced education, now harm appears

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Chinese parents attach great importance to their children’s education and are willing to let their children have a try as long as it can improve their grades.With the reform of the educational system, there have been changes in all stages of education.Speaking of the most far-reaching, will certainly be launched in 2021 double reduction policy and related auxiliary policies.The double reduction policy, to some extent, relieves the learning pressure of primary and secondary school students, and also relieves the economic pressure of parents to register their children for remedial classes. Originally, it is a good thing to have the best of both worlds, but in the eyes of some parents, it does not seem to be so.After the implementation of the double reduction policy, some parents do not agree that the double reduction policy is mainly to reduce students’ academic burden and extracurricular tutoring pressure. After the implementation of this mode, students have more time to rest and exercise.But for many parents, the Ministry of Education’s restrictions on the development of remedial classes have affected the progress of students’ remedial classes, and even directly affected their academic performance.These parents believe that the policy should not apply to cram schools at the same time.Some cram schools, perhaps taking notice of parents’ demand, have begun to provide remedial lessons for students, or have directly advanced education, starting from the first grade of the second and third grade.Even though some classes have been shut down, some parents have hired tutors to help their children.In the eyes of many parents, advanced education will be able to let children win at the starting line, is a good thing.Some time ago, a video of a primary school teacher giving a lesson went viral on the Internet.In the video, students say they have already learned what the teacher wants to talk about.The teacher then asked the other students in the class, “Have you learned all this knowledge?” unexpectedly, all the students in the class said “yes”.Originally, the teacher thought that as long as a student said he had not studied, he would continue to talk.But I did not expect that all the students said that they had learned, the teacher did not need to speak.Now it was the teacher’s turn to be embarrassed. He didn’t know how to speak in class, and he didn’t want to listen to the students anymore.In fact, this kind of situation is common in many schools. In order not to let their children lose the starting line, parents will sign up for various cram schools, but they have never thought that the teachers in the school can not find their own “value”.The essence of education should go back to school. However, due to the advanced education outside the school, no one is willing to listen to the teachers in class, and the teaching progress has been stagnating.We all know that pupils tend to be impatient with things they already know.Many primary school teachers have reported that students’ enthusiasm in class is not high, and even there is no interest in learning at all.In class, I originally wanted to ask questions to introduce learning, but as a result, all the students spoke out the answer with one voice, which directly embarrassed the teacher standing on the platform. Students were unwilling to listen to the lecture and worried that some students could not learn.And this kind of early education students, in their imperceptible will easily appear: they do not need teachers to teach also can get good grades.Once such a habit is formed, it is difficult for students to change their minds. If it is not changed, future students will become less and less interested in learning and will rely more on extra classes to improve their grades.Primary school students accept advanced education, the harm has shown that parents blindly let their children accept advanced education, although in a short period of time does make students’ grades have been improved, but for students in school learning does not have much effect, but when the opposite.Students began to reject the school’s teaching model and blindly relied on extra classes to improve their grades.This not only affects the development of education, but also increases the financial pressure on parents.In the long run, this mode is not suitable for the mainstream of today’s education, especially with the increase of students’ grade, this harm will become more and more obvious, parents should also pay attention to this matter.Now, the Ministry of Education has also set limits on such advanced education, demanding that education be returned to schools as much as possible.In the future, it will be strictly required to carry out the “zero-starting teaching” mode, and there will no longer be advanced teaching.Especially for students who just enter the campus in the first grade, teachers should actively guide students to learn and prepare for relevant work.For some students who can not concentrate on the class, the teacher should also do a good job of corresponding solutions.In a word, advanced education is really undesirable for students, and how parents and teachers want to let students return to the normal learning path, should be carried out according to the school’s learning progress.It is very important to cultivate correct learning habits, especially for the students who are not aware of learning, and need the guidance of parents and teachers to develop better.Today’s topic: What do you think about primary school students receiving advanced education?Welcome to comment and share.