Shucheng: Planned power outage announcement

2022-05-10 0 By

State Grid Shucheng County power supply company planned power outage announcement due to 35kV peak change 10kV Zhangdian 04 line Xinqi 08# platform area access drainage line, Shucheng power supply company will come to 35kV peak change 10kV Zhangdian 04 line Wanfo Lake island branch, implementation of planned power outage.Scope of power outage: 10000 Buddha Lake island special customers, including: Dragon King Island special change 7921918605, 10000 Buddha Island special change 7921918606, custom island special change 7921918607.Tips: 1. The end time of power failure may be postponed according to weather reasons and special circumstances;2. It is possible to send power in advance at any time during power failure;3. Thank you for your support and help to our work all the time. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to your production and life by the power failure.State Grid Shucheng County Power Supply Company February 19, 2022