My story with the Winter Olympics

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Gao Enshuai, assistant public prosecutor, volunteered for the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games in the competition area.In June 2021, after returning from visiting relatives, I was surprised to receive a phone call from my work unit on the train back to Beijing. The Party committee of the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate decided to send me to the Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics to support the Games.In July, I officially joined the operation team of the National Alpine Ski Center, which led to the Beijing Winter Olympics.The work of the venue operation team is not only unfamiliar to me, but also a challenge.The venue management business I work for is equivalent to the office of each unit. Before closed-loop management, it also undertakes many trivial and complicated responsibilities, such as transportation coordination, catering, document sending and receiving, etc.With the approach of the Beijing Winter Olympics, my working hours have moved up from 8 or 7 in the morning to 6 later.Since it was the venue security department, we had to stay until the end, returning to our accommodation after 8pm for many days.The National Alpine Skiing Center, where I am located, is also responsible for hosting the Beijing Winter Paralympics. “Two Olympics, equally wonderful” is our promise and the driving force for our progress.In half a year, I have got used to the work here and become familiar with it. Time has also entered the closed-loop state during the race. I try my best to face it every day.This experience is a valuable asset for me and will accompany me and my procuratorial career “to the future together”.Prosecutors wang Chen and his son for Olympic athletes refueling games “sons” tells people: Beijing city’s procuratorate prosecutors wang Chen, in November 2021, I found in the work, a network platform is selling fake emblem of the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympic games mascot and commodities, belongs to the typical involving the intellectual property rights violations.According to law and authorization, the intellectual property rights of the mascots and emblems should belong to the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG), which has its registration and actual office in Shijingshan District.As the director of the Intellectual Property Prosecution Office of Shijingshan District Procuratorate, I have the obligation to lead the team and cooperate with other units to crack down on such illegal and criminal activities.After taking the initiative to cooperate with boCOG, our institute immediately cooperated with administrative law enforcement departments and public security organs to investigate and punish relevant illegal and criminal activities.With only two months to go before the Opening of the Winter Olympics, police targeted the target according to the shipping address of the infringing products.December 21 was the winter solstice. When I communicated with the first batch of investigators who went to the field to collect evidence, I received a phone call that my son Xiao Wu Gang fell down on the ice hockey rink.In the clear investigation net time, I hurried to the hockey rink.Ice hockey field side, small five lips high and swollen, but also constantly have blood oozing from the mouth, tears in the eyes.I took small five to the locker room, simple examination and treatment of the wound after asking him to continue training, small five strong nod.I held him in my arms and said to him, “You always say that skating is to surpass others, in fact, it is you who really want to surpass yourself!You are injured and still can insist on training, is beyond their own performance, is the Performance of the Olympic spirit!”Small 51 heard that he had the Spirit of the Olympic Games, but also to strength: “Dad, you also want to go beyond their own, catch more bad guys!”Although I didn’t eat dumplings on the winter Solstice day, I was suddenly filled with pride when I looked at my son who insisted on training on the ice rink and thought of my police brothers who were stationed thousands of miles away: We were all contributing to the Winter Olympics!On the evening of January 13, 2022, a public prosecutor’s class titled “Prosecutor + World champion Tells stories about” Winter Olympics “was broadcast live online.In that live broadcast, I, as the unprosecuted prosecutor and the deputy principal of the primary and secondary schools, together with Guo Dandan, China’s first world champion skier, sent a special live broadcast class to students during the winter vacation.From 2017 to now, with the increasing popularity of ice sports, the number of primary and secondary school students in Beijing has reached 2.1 million.In the face of students’ enthusiasm for ice and snow sports, as a vice president of the rule of law, I have the responsibility to explain the risk factors and legal knowledge behind ice and snow sports to children, so as to prevent injury accidents caused by high risk factors.Live on the same day, dan-dan guo teacher told the students themselves to be engaged in the experience of ice and snow sports, the most let us moved, she once in the winter Olympics accidentally fell down and seriously, when fellow workers are advised her to give up the game, she resolutely said: “I can’t out of the race, I practiced for so many years, in order to take part in the Olympic Games, I want to win honor for our country!”After she insisted on finishing the race, even the doctor said: “Chinese girl, we especially admire you!”Me to watch the live broadcast of the students said: “perhaps the beginning is the beauty of the snow and ice and snow sports charm attracts dan-dan guo teachers engaged in ice and snow sports, but along the way, in the face of hardship, supports her go today is not afraid of difficulties, indomitable spirit, but also her time as a Chinese athlete’s pride and proud!”As a procurator in the area where the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held, MY story with the Winter Olympics is colorful.”Red” inheritance, experience the charm of the Winter Olympics in the study and education of party history.I look for the imprint of Winter Olympics in my study. When China participated in the Winter Olympics for the first time, it just started reform and opening up and went out to participate in the Winter Olympics.Now, China has completed the qualitative change of national strength, welcome in to hold the Winter Olympics.As an active party member, I want to remember that time, do well in the present and look forward to the future.”Blue” synergy, “procuratorial blue” and “public security blue” work together to crack down on crimes.At the beginning of 2021, the Beijing yanqing district procuratorate prosecution department and 6 games are home to yanqing division Zhang Shanying police station set up the mechanism of pair of build, I, as the sixth policemen procuratorial department of communication, to exercise Zhang Shanying police substation communication, with the public security police and the police, and the case, and unattended, processing all types of cases involving the games together, to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal ACTS within their respective jurisdictions.At the same time, yanqing District Procuratorate also carried out strict forest fire prevention law enforcement activities in Yanqing Winter Olympic Games area with the comprehensive law enforcement team of the forest Public Security bureau and the Bureau of Landscape and Landscaping, and established a winter Olympic-related intellectual property protection mechanism with the market supervision Bureau of yanqing District to guarantee the preparation for the Winter Olympic Games.”White” romance, start a frozen adventure in the winter sun.In the winter of 2021, I participated in the recording of the winter Olympics square dance “Together for the Future”, and also participated in the ski sports organized by our company.Dancing to the melody, I feel the joy of welcoming the Beijing Winter Olympics.Gao Cen, assistant Procurator, who participated in drafting the Work Plan of Beijing Procuratorial Organs’ Service and Guarantee for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, wrote the Service guarantee PlanOn January 6, 2022, the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate issued the Work Plan of Beijing Procuratorial Organs to Provide Services for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.More than 3,800 words, 4 parts, 14 specific procuratorial performance measures……The length is not long, but it covers many fields of performance, providing guidance and follow for the procuratorial organs of the city.As a member of the working plan drafting special class, I know that every word behind the plan reflects the procurator’s spirit of striving for perfection and the responsibility of serving and guaranteeing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.However, to more comprehensive, systematic and realistic disposition of procuratorial elements to the fields and links suitable for the service of the Winter Olympics, it is not just a pen effort, the key is to see the real trick.To this end, my colleagues and I carried out a lot of research before drafting the plan.The most impressive key word in the plan is “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development”. Some procuratorial police worked with public security police to investigate potential safety hazards of beijing-Zhangjia-Tianjin high-speed railway in the cold and snowstorm, and jointly determined the direction and standard of evidence for individual cases to ensure the safety and order of railway transportation in the capital.Some procuratorates have set up inter-provincial remote interrogation and notification systems to reduce unnecessary risks caused by the epidemic…Escorting the Winter Olympics is not an empty talk, but a strong guarantee for countless real prosecutorial activities to fulfill their duties.Source: Procuratorial Daily