Li Jiangtao point of view, in fact, the real pension is the settlement, this is the future should look like

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Sometimes when I go back to my hometown, I quite envy the people there. They live together for generations and don’t leave the village much.After the planting, at home, and then the neighbors get along.We spent our birthdays together and walked around each other during festivals. It was really enjoyable.Early many people like to go to the city, think the city is modern, upstairs and downstairs electric lights and telephone.But actually we now find that rural life is the kind of life that we might promote in the future, and we call it the communal life.In fact, we did not see the real value of the countryside.There is an old saying in China that young couples come to accompany each other when they are old.What is a wife?Help each other, beat each other’s backs and take care of each other when they are old.Pour a glass of water when you’re thirsty.Help each other to walk forward.In fact, couples talk about love when they are young.Nurture children in middle age, support each other in old age, this is the pattern.Many old people around us are like this and can help each other.Now there are a group of people who, when they are old, go to the nursing home.In fact, this mode of mutual assistance, I think two people called companionship, many people called colony mode.In fact, there was one good thing about the village we lived in. When we were young, we caught fish together. When we grew up, we went out to explore the world together.When I get old, I go back to my hometown and bask in the sun.In fact, it is a kind of communal life.This kind of settlement life we used to regard as backward.In fact, now, this is what life looks like in the real year of the late mother.Old age is the need to grow old slowly, basking in the sun, talking about childhood together, this is the real quality of life.So I say we may have to rethink what we pursue, maybe this kind of community life is when we are young together to play with friends, together to go out to make money and become an official.When we get old, we return to our hometown and talk about the glory of our life.Home at night to live on their own, during the day in their own village and these old buddies together, think about their own affairs.When there are difficulties, people help each other and form a culture of mutual assistance. This is the concept of colony.So I think one day we will realize the value of settlements.There are three colonies that will never replace this thing.The first is to support each other spiritually.We have the same childhood, we have the process of struggle together, and we have the same old age.When two’s company, a group’s company. That’s the first point.Second, what does old age actually require?You need some sun, but you can’t be alone.A lot of rich people these days, they hire nannies.The city dweller lives alone in a lonely villa or in a lonely house, unfamiliar from the outside.Is it quality to be alone at home?There’s no mass.So we do not look down on the rural community life.Finally, I want to talk about what kind of medical treatment is needed behind the settlement of rural areas. It needs the assistance of high-quality life, such as good facilities, good sanitary conditions and good food.This is a high quality settlement.Maybe that’s what we’re really after in the future.I don’t know if you’ll agree with what I’ve said today.In general, in old age, if you can be with people you have known for many years, a village, a community, or old neighbors or old colleagues, this is called settlement.So we have to look at the advent of settlement, and maybe it’s a process of our rediscovery of life.Don’t look down on the old village, it’s your memory.If we can turn the old into modern, we can improve the quality of life, plus the spiritual comfort of a settlement.Maybe this is the best old age.Old age pension, you say this is not what you want?