By the changjiang River, a fisherman caught 70 catties water tiger. The four words on the shore indicated that the young man was in trouble

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There has been more news recently about catches of giant water tigers, especially when fishing has been banned in the South, especially in the Yangtze River Basin.A few days ago, near the Yangtze River in Yichang, Hubei province, an angler caught a water tiger weighing about 70 kilograms, which attracted a lot of onlookers.However, the fisherman seems to have ignored the four characters “Yangtze River Public Security” on the opposite side, so it can be seen that the water he is fishing in must belong to the Yangtze River basin. As long as the fishery authorities find this fisherman, these photos can be described as stolen.No wonder this guy caught this fish and ran off with it.I remember in Jinan, someone stole a 5-jin carp from Daming Lake and was fined 1000 yuan by weight.If you have to pay a fine by weight, this water tiger is worth over $10,000.There were other fishing friends at that time, said that the fish caught on a look to hold, the elder brothers took the fish control device to drag on the car.The man who saw this scene said that he was very envious at that time and wanted to give him 20 yuan to take a picture of me and the fish. Before he could say it, the angler left.Say oneself use line group small, slip fish slip for more than an hour, human boring.Do you believe?I don’t believe it, I want to catch, let alone 70 catties, 7 catties are there to take a photo of 10 minutes, or this angler friend has a ghost in mind, here is the Yangtze River basin, don’t run as soon as possible to wait for someone to catch ah.It is true that the yellowcheek fish is king in the water, but it cannot defeat humans out of it.A giant yellowcheek carp was also caught recently in Xijiang, Guangxi province. It can be seen from the video that even a tricycle could not fit the fish, and the final weight is said to be about 100 kg.Yellowcheek fish how suddenly more up?As a matter of fact, it is thanks to the ban and protection. If it were not for the ban and protection, these yellowcheek fish would have been caught when they reached 80 kilograms.It is up to individuals to be caught in the wild and released for an extra-yellowcheek carp, which has no impact on the water environment because the yellowcheek carp’s yellowcheek carp can grow so large as to reflect that the water is suitable for its development. The yellowcheek carp is not a state-protected animal and can be arbitrarily treated by harvesters.As for some netizens’ joke that fish tastes bad, there are sour grapes. There is no bad fish, only people who can’t cook fish.I think the meat is poor, rough taste, that is not to do.Send it to me, and I’ll make sure you eat it and want to eat it again.Although the angler later claimed he caught the giant yellowcheek fish in an off-limits zone.But with all the policies and regulations in sight, it is clear that the Yangtze River basin is included in the no-fishing zone.The words “Changjiang Public security” in anglers’ photos have exposed the waters they fish for are not compliant.But as for whether the fish will be punished, it is not up to us, but the competent authorities of the water area.I am a fisherman on the boulder, take you to see the fun fishing circle, discuss fishing skills all the spectators spare time to add a concern, thank you, also count to my post support