4.57 million people are diagnosed with cancer in China every year. Remind again: these 4 kinds of food, no matter how much you like to eat, also avoid food

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Who did not expect, in the prime of the tan Uncle will suddenly fall ill.Tan Shu, 47, was working at a construction site last week when he suddenly felt severe pain in his right upper abdomen, including his right shoulder.Unable to bear it, he was sent to the hospital by his workmates.As it was difficult to determine the cause, the doctor suggested Tan To have a CT scan.The results showed that there were more than 10 quasi-circular nodules in his bilateral lung lobes, the largest of which was 1.2cm in diameter.When a doctor sees a pulmonary nodule in this shape, his first reaction is “metastatic tumor”.Sure enough, after further tests, doctors found a primary tumor on his liver, over 9cm in diameter.”This is a lung metastasis of liver cancer, advanced,” the doctor said regretfully.Tan Shu is very helpless, he said he has chronic hepatitis B, but because there is no discomfort symptoms, so few checks, is to save a little more money.According to the global cancer data released by WHO, there were 19.29 million new cases of cancer worldwide in 2020, with 9.96 million deaths.As a populous country, China ranks first in the number of new cancer cases and deaths in the world, with 4.57 million and 3 million respectively.The number of new cancer cases worldwide is expected to reach 30 million by 2040.Two, four malignant tumors are easy to find, namely, advanced stage clinically, many cancer patients are already in the middle and advanced stage when diagnosed, missing the best treatment opportunity.This is because cancer is so “hidden” that early symptoms are not obvious or even asymptomatic.The following four types of cancer, in particular, can greatly improve survival rates if detected early.Pancreatic cancer is known as the “king of cancer”, with a high degree of malignancy, difficult to detect, easy to metastasize, difficult to treat characteristics, its 5-year survival rate is only 5% to 7%, the incidence is also rising, showing a trend of younger.Due to the early symptoms are not obvious, more than 60% of patients are clinically misdiagnosed as stomach disease, cholecystitis and other diseases, about 88% of patients have been diagnosed to the middle and late stage, or even metastasized.When pancreatic cancer comes on, the first symptom is upper abdomen bloating unwell, the symptom aggravates at night, can change as the change of body position.Some patients will also appear back pain, easily mistaken for cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder.In addition, pancreatic cancer can also cause nausea, vomiting, anorexia, jaundice and other symptoms, if not timely detection and intervention, the disease will further progress.China is a big country of liver cancer, the annual incidence and death cases account for about 50% of the world, the 5-year survival rate of about 12%, the main reason is that about 80% of the patients were found to be advanced.Why is liver cancer difficult to detect?The primary reason is that the liver is insensitive to pain, with strong compensatory ability, and the symptoms are not obvious when the disease occurs.Secondly, many patients do not have the awareness of physical examination and early screening, especially hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other liver diseases, do not pay attention to treatment, leading to the deterioration of the condition.3, lung cancer for many years, lung cancer has been the “eldest” in cancer, morbidity and mortality in the first year.According to statistics, in the past 30 years, the incidence of lung cancer in China has increased by 4 times, and about 80% of patients diagnosed with lung cancer are already in the middle and late stage.One of the reasons lung cancer is difficult to detect is that there are no sensory nerves in the alveoli and the symptoms are not obvious when it changes.Even if there is cough, sputum and other early symptoms, it is easy to confuse with common diseases, resulting in delayed illness.4. As the second largest cancer in China, the incidence and death of gastric cancer are not optimistic.Statistics show that 679,000 new cases and 498,000 deaths of gastric cancer were reported in China every year in 2018, accounting for about 50 percent of the global total, and about 90 percent of patients were already in advanced stages when diagnosed.Advanced gastric cancer means higher treatment cost, poorer treatment effect and lower 5-year survival rate, which brings heavy burden to individuals and families.In order to improve the survival rate of gastric cancer, it is necessary to timely grasp the symptoms, such as: upper abdominal discomfort, especially abdominal distention, pain in the back of the chest, stomach reflux, etc.;The stools were tarry and black.Significant weight loss in a short period of time.These symptoms may be related to gastric cancer and should be checked in time.Three, frequent cancer, four kinds of food the best dietary said “food is the people”, we can not survive without food, but if the diet is not healthy, it will bring great hidden dangers to the body.The Cancer Hospital of The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has published a blacklist of cancer-causing foods.Pickled food Salted fish, pickled vegetables, salted eggs and other pickled food, in the process of curing dimethyl nitrite, dimethyl nitrite into the body, will be transformed into a carcinogenic dimethyl nitrite amine, increase the risk of stomach, bowel, pancreatic cancer and other cancers, so it is best not to eat for a long time.Barbecued food Barbecued chicken, lamb kebabs, fish and other barbecued food may produce nitrite when curing.In the process of grilling, burned parts can also produce a carcinogen called benzo pyrene, which can be mixed into the smoke and inhaled, increasing the risk of cancer.Smoked food Smoked meat, fish and other smoked food, in the process of smoking will occur “incomplete combustion”, produce a large number of POLYcyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, resulting in food contamination.After entering the human body, PAHs will be activated by the oxidase in the cells, resulting in carcinogenic effects. Long-term consumption of large amounts of PAHs will stimulate the stomach and esophagus, increasing the risk of gastric and esophageal cancer.Moldy food moldy food is easy to produce aflatoxin, aflatoxin degree has a strong carcinogenicity, and liver cancer has a close relationship.Rice, corn, peanuts, nuts and other high-starch food mildew, the most likely to produce aflatoxin, must not eat, so as not to threaten health.In a word, if the body has some uncomfortable symptoms, no signs of improvement, it is best to go to the hospital to check, so as not to delay the illness.Life should also pay attention to diet, after all, “a close mouth” this saying, not just talk.References: [1] Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, this camouflage cancer is called the “king of cancer,” how to prevent.[2]2020 Latest global cancer data: Breast cancer has replaced lung cancer as the largest cancer in the world, and the annual number of cancer deaths in China exceeds 3 million.[3] Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences recently published carcinogenic food blacklist, China Oncology News, 2014-07-25