What is the cause of foaming on epoxy floor?

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As a new building material, epoxy floor is widely used in various indoor places.The advantage of epoxy floor lies in aesthetics and functionality. From the appearance, the atmosphere of epoxy floor is clean, and from the function, it can meet all kinds of scenes.Epoxy floor maintenance is also quite simple, but occasionally bubbling phenomenon.Floor Henan xiudi editor will answer what is the cause of foaming epoxy floor.01 What is the cause of foaming of epoxy floor?1. Foaming of epoxy floor surface layer may be caused by excessive moisture.If the air humidity is too high in the construction, the reaction speed is too fast in the drying process, then the surface may appear large and small bubbles.So the humidity of epoxy floor in the construction process is required, generally not more than 85%.2. There is a very important period in the construction process of epoxy floor, that is the curing process.If the viscosity in the mixture is too high, the gas may not be discharged after construction, and bubbles may form.Therefore, in this step, all kinds of mixed materials must be stirred evenly, and after standing for a period of time, then construction, so that the gas can be discharged by itself.3. If there is no uniform coating and scraping in the process, bubbles may also appear.So the construction personnel after the construction of the site inspection, found that there are bubbles on the timely treatment, to prevent the emergence of bubbles after curing.If there are bubbles, you can use the defoaming drum to eliminate the bubbles, and then carry out the next step of construction after the elimination.Foaming phenomenon of epoxy floor is relatively common, and there are generally several reasons above.So the construction unit in the construction of the time should be strictly in accordance with the requirements and standards.Bubbles affect the aesthetics of epoxy floor, and even the quality of the whole project.Diping Henan Xiudi editors believe that there is a sense of nip in the bud, to achieve the quality of the project.For more exciting content, come to pay attention to the epoxy floor Xiudi Company