Three fine novels that readers claim must be packed overnight

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Hello, I am Cang Yiwei.Today I recommend three excellent novels to you.Detective Fog, written by Shrimp, 1.12 million words, serialized.Introduce: this book heaven and earth, ghost plays a person, contain anti-terrorism, anti-poison, detect, spy war, layout, plot, serial killer, flying big thief and so on content.The background of this book is Europe, it does not involve any discrimination, it does not involve any topics related to our country, please do not enter the book.In addition, the Shrimp O plate may differ from the commonly known Continental plate in a few details.Special note: do not attempt to translate the conversation in English, as the author does not speak English.Ten X VIP finish this work, reputation guarantee.Liang Shi picked up five banknotes and began to count them. His way of counting money was different from others. He first held the money in his left hand, and then took one out of his right hand and put it on the table, counting: “One, one, one, one, one.”After counting, Liang’s hands were empty and there was only a bill on the table.Liang pushed the note to John, “I’m sorry Sir, I can’t take your money.”John was very surprised.He knew it was a magic trick, and he knew how to use it. He was just surprised that Liang shi could do it so well.John took a bill in front of him and thought for a moment. “Liang Shi, I know you go to the Blue Coat School.”The Master’s Manual, listening day, 1.63 million words, in progress.Introduce: 1668, the city that I am in is appraised the area with best countrywide public security.I made an indelible contribution to that.Because I got caught.Highlight clip: “The great endviewer, Ashy Heath!Good follows you, evil admires you!The light longs for you, so does the darkness!You are the transcendent being, god’s color for all things!””The great endviewer, Asho Heath…”Asheo sat on the cold stone seat and looked at a crowd of strange men in black robes kneeling and kowtowing to themselves. His cold face was filled with panic.I can’t blame him, because one minute his memory is working in that damn mobile game company all night and into the wee hours contributing residual value, and the next minute he’s in this weird underground hall being worshipped, and no one would know it.What’s more, Ashu understood their language as naturally as his mother tongue, grasping their meaning without even thinking about translation.As he calmed down, he quickly came to the conclusion that he had passed through, and that his soul had passed through, to a man of the same name.”This star wants to retire,” kindergarten master, 1.33 million words, serial.Introduce: public: “not!You don’t want to!”Best clip: “What a hard bed.”Lomo lay on the wooden bed, thinking in her heart.At this moment, he could not move his limbs, he could not even open his eyes, but his brain was wide awake.Kind of like a ghost press.Such a feeling, he does not know how long has lasted, so at this time he, almost no concept of time.Many of us have had the experience of having a long, long dream and waking up to find that ten minutes have passed.And other times, you feel like you’re just squinting, and I sleep for a while, and when I open my eyes, an hour has gone by.Luo Mo’s experience was even stranger.He dreamed about the life of a 24-year-old.Writing is not easy, and to do and cherish.My name is Cang Yiwei. I bring salt for “The Whispering of Cang shi”.Welcome to Book Review Land.