Taoyuan traffic police: rectification of drunk driving treatment of disease, chang road security

2022-05-09 0 By

In order to ensure the smooth road traffic and people’s safe travel during the 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush, the Traffic police Brigade of Taoyuan County Public Security Bureau has intensified efforts to crack down on drunk driving and other traffic violations. Since the Spring Festival, more than 54 cases of drunk driving and drunk driving have been detected, eliminating hidden dangers of road traffic safety and creating a good traffic travel environment in the area.Drunk driving and drunk driving road transportation is the biggest hidden trouble, is the trigger for the traffic accident, taoyuan traffic police brigade on drunken driving, drunk driving is not relaxed, intensify regulation during the Spring Festival, in combination with the new epidemic prevention and control work, in the highway entrances and exits, GuoShengDao, key parts and township road, county city business circle region to deploy a clampdown for drunk driving.Each squadron, unit room of their own, in the county blossom everywhere, strictly investigate and punish drunk driving, drunk driving and other key traffic violations, investigated a number of wind against the law “drunkard”, the formation of high-pressure rectification situation and threatening force, to ensure the safety of road travel.According to statistics, since the Spring Festival travel rush, as of February 16, the brigade has detected 74 cases of drunk driving, including more than 54 cases after the Spring Festival, the strike data index ranks firmly in the city’s district and county brigade precedent, was praised by the municipal traffic police detachment.(Correspondent: Xu Tan)