Nissan Micra successor hypothetical image or 2025 debut/transition to pure electric small car

2022-05-09 0 By

Recently, we obtained a hypothetical picture of nissan’s Micra successor from relevant channels, which is expected to be unveiled around 2025. It will be built on the same CMF-BEV platform as Renault 5, and will be completely transformed into a pure electric small car. In the future, it may also adopt a new name.In terms of appearance design, combined with the previous trailer, we can see that the overall appearance design of nissan Micra successor is more rounded and smooth, the body lines are stronger, you can see a bit of Renault 5 shadow, and also adopts more retro elements.The successor of Nissan Micra will be built on the CMF-BEV platform of Renao-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, just like its brother Renault 5. It is expected that the price of this car will not be too high, and the overseas price range will probably remain between 156,000 yuan and 191,000 yuan, with a range of about 400 kilometers. As for whether this car will be introduced to China for production,There is no exact information yet.