Monsters of the Gods: Cannibals in the Jungle of History and Thought. By David Quamman

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Monsters of the Gods: Cannibalism in the Jungle of History and Thought by David Quamann The Siberian tiger is not a white tiger, nor is the white tiger.There was a casual saying that the Siberian tiger was white.Some people who don’t know tigers, and should know tigers, accept this.According to mistaken information, some people say that the white tiger is a Siberian tiger.In fact, the Siberian tiger is not a white tiger, nor is the white tiger.The assumption that the Siberian tiger is white is probably based on the assumption that white is easier to camouflage in snow.Such rumors only add to the confusion about tiger evolution and conservation.Polar bears are white, yes, the tundra Wolf (Canis lupus Albus) is white, and the Arctic fox (Alopex Lagopus) turns white in winter — all white camouflage predators that use it to cover their assault.But the Amur tiger, by any name, is not white — except in exceptionally rare and rare circumstances (and as far as I know, there are no records of that).India’s gir forest Asian lion, Australia’s northern bay alligator, Romania the brown bears in the mountains, the Russian far east and Siberia in the amur tiger: in these top predator’s embattled situation, we realize that humans have lost the terror of these eating animals, and this kind of terror was originally and natural way to get along with.In this book, US science writer David Quamman goes back in time and into the wild to explore the ecological, historical, literary and mythological aspects of man’s relationship with large carnivores.By turning a professional eye to a wilderness that is rapidly disappearing due to human expansion, the author traces the stories and cultures of large carnivores in an effort to reexamine our fears about man-eating animals and rethink our relationship with wildlife.The conservation and management of endangered species in China, as well as the adjustment of the human-wildlife relationship, can be inspired by this book.Mai Bei mall – authentic products at low prices, express delivery timely, a comprehensive online shopping mall to buy and sell babies