What principles should be followed to improve hair loss?

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Do not know from when, people’s wishes began to become simple, such as: do not expect to take off single, but beg not hair loss;For example, I wish I had more hair.While many of these hilarious wishes are based on humorous jokes, they reflect a growing awareness of the health of hair.Especially for many young people, because of irregular work and rest and unhealthy living habits, early into the threshold of the army of hair loss, hair prevention has become a plus of the care products.So in the face of hair loss, how can effective treatment and improvement?Let’s talk about it briefly today.First of all, we should adhere to early detection, early treatment, and adhere to the principle of treatment.Like some diseases of our body, hair loss is progressive and, if left unchecked, can accelerate the process and worsen hair loss.And for the improvement of hair loss, the difficulty also increases gradually with the severity of the degree.For example, if hair loss is mild, we can treat it with daily treatment or medication, but if hair loss is severe, there may be no hair transplant.So I often emphasize with hair friend, do not despise alopecia this problem, early discovery must early treatment.Here are three tips for hair loss sufferers.One, adjust the rest of life most of the hair loss belongs to androgen hair loss, mainly affected by androgen, and stay up late secretion of androgen is many times the usual, so it is suggested that hair hair friends, or to reduce the time to stay up late, usually eat more food rich in protein, supplement hair needed nutrients.Second, medical maintenance if the hair follicle is in the early stage of atrophy, medical maintenance can be used to help the hair follicle restore the growth function, promote the growth of hair.Three, drug treatment of alopecia the earlier the use of drugs, the better the effect of hair follicle atrophy must be controlled early.In the late stage of hair loss, if the hair follicles have been permanently closed, it is more to change the situation that there is no hair to grow, such as the common hairline retraction, M-type hair loss, O-type hair loss, etc. For this kind of situation, the only treatment at the present stage is hair transplantation.Note: the treatment of hair loss is a relatively long process, once selected targeted treatment, must adhere to the treatment, remember to give up halfway or rush for success.For more questions about hair loss treatment, please follow me in the comments section or send me a message.